Driver, 43, Who Told Cop She Was 22 Claimed To Suffer From Malady That “Makes Her Age Faster”

A Florida motorist said she suffered from a “medical condition that makes her age faster” when a suspicious cop questioned her claim that she was 22, according to a police report.

Upon spotting a Ford Ranger with inoperable tail lights, an Indian River County Sheriff’s Office deputy pulled over the pickup Saturday night and asked the driver for her license, vehicle registration, and proof of insurance. The woman “said she did not have her license because she forgot her purse,” according to a police report.

The driver then identified herself as “Christina R. Topp with a date of birth of March 16th, 1992.” Deputy Colby Smith noted that, “Immediately I was suspicious because the driver appeared significantly older than that.”

After providing her social security number, Smith reported, “the driver could tell I was suspicious and went on to tell me that she has a medical condition that makes her age faster.”

However, after the deputy accessed a database that provided a photo of Topp, the driver “admitted that her name was Jennifer R. Crosby and she gave me her daughter’s name because her driver’s license was suspended.”

The 43-year-old Crosby, pictured above, was then arrested for driving on a suspended license and providing a false name. The Vero Beach resident was booked into the county jail, where she remains locked up in lieu of $4000.

Crosby was arrested in June for possession of crack cocaine, which she hid in a body orifice. While fishing out the narcotics for cops, Crosby said “ouch” and remarked, “the foil is hurting the inside of my vagina.”