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Assailant Wielded Cash Stack In Nightclub Attack

Victim, 18, struck in face by perp's illegal tender

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Cash Stack Attack

APRIL 4--A college student told cops that a male assailant struck her in the face with a “stack of money” during a 2 AM confrontation Saturday inside a South Carolina nightclub, according to a police report.

Naudiah Byers, 18, told investigators that she was exiting the Pure Ultra Club in Myrtle Beach when a male suspect bumped into her. Byers, a University of North Carolina at Charlotte student, said that when she asked the man to apologize, he replied, “Bitch, I don’t need to say nothing.”

During an ensuing argument, the man warned Byers, “Bitch, I’ll slap you with a stack.” A Myrtle Beach Police Department report notes that Byers (seen at right) explained to cops that a “stack” referred to a block of cash.

Byers said that she replied, “Do it” when threatened by the suspect, who countered by hitting Byers “in the face with a stack of money.” The assailant had disappeared down a nearby back alley by the time patrolmen responded to the nightspot.

Officers spotted no visible injuries on Byers, who was “yelling at her friends for not getting involved” when cops arrived at the club.

Police described the attacker as a black man between the ages of 20 and 25 who stands about six feet tall. He was wearing blue jeans and a “gray jacket zipped all the way up,” according to the report.

The height of the suspect’s stack is not known. (2 pages)