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Cleanup In Aisle Three: The Evidence Photos

Police memorialized perp's Walmart defilement

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Post-Pleasure Photos

DECEMBER 3--Now that the criminal case against the notorious Walmart toy aisle masturbator has come to and end, Florida investigators have released evidence photos taken at the scene of the revolting crime.

A small selection of those North Port Police Department images can be seen here. The photos clear up a couple of points about William Tyler Black’s bizarre September 14 act of public indecency at a Walmart in Sarasota:

• Crime scene technicians, armed with only a Q-Tip, are just as brave as any cop walking the beat.

• Black was not carrying a copy of the 2010 Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition while pleasuring himself. In fact, he opted for SI’s $11.99 “Swimsuit Portfolio,” a bound volume with the subtitle “Paradise Found.” Both publications, however, featured model Brooklyn Decker on their respective covers.

• The lightsaber upon which Black, 28, left his DNA was a Star Wars Clone Wars toy. Though the photos thankfully do not make it clear whether the defiled toy was a spring activated Obi-Wan Kenobi model ($19.97 at Walmart) or a Darth Vader electronic lightsaber ($19.54).

• Incidents like this have a way of clearing a store of its customers.

As part of his sentencing, Black has been barred from future visits to Walmart or any other retailer selling children’s toys. (4 pages)

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People wonder why cops shoot people? Look at this dope hes a sperm inspector.
Does anyone have a wet nap? The force is dripping from my lightsaber.
I'll bet you dollars to donuts...somewhere hidden behind a shelf in the toy aisle is a used tube or jar of lubricant, WD-40 or some other type of evidence of this well thought out crime. This guy needs psychological help asap....hope he has medical insurance.
Too bad he was nowhere near Chinese handcuffs.
HAHAHAHA Gotta love the "Wet Floor" sign ...where is the slippery when wet sign?
His only hope is to avoid Viagra before the trial and perhaps the evidence won't stand up in court.
Heyoooooo! Alright alright, I hope the judge didn't go too HARD ON him! Ba-dunk tssssss! I don't know where this guy usually pleasures himself, but he sure CAME to the wrong place! Stop me if you've heard these! Clone Wars toys? I heard Star Wars nerds couldn't even get off to that movie! Ya killin' me here!