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Walmart Pleasure Seeker Barred From Retail Giant

Plea deal spares indecent exposer a jail sentence

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Walmart Pleasurer Plea

DECEMBER 1--The Florida man arrested after he was caught masturbating in the toy aisle of a Walmart with the aid of a Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue has cut a plea deal that bars him from future visits to the retail giant “or any store where children’s toys are sold,” court records show.

As part of a plea deal to indecent exposure and battery charges, William Tyler Black was sentenced to two years of community control, a more severe version of probation that often includes a curfew. Black, 28, will also be subjected to GPS monitoring, according to a Sarasota Circuit Court document that stipulates “no contact w/ Walmart.”

The deal spares Black, who spent a month in custody following his September 14 arrest, further jail time. The conviction, though, will likely have a negative impact on Black’s career as a substitute teacher. Black is pictured in the above mug shot.

When confronted by cops, Black admitted that he had been masturbating in the store’s toy aisle, claiming that he was driven to the lewd act after he spotted “some pretty girls which made him aroused.” He told officers that he “grabbed a magazine and then found a back aisle and began to masturbate until he relieved himself on the floor,” according to a probable cause affidavit.

The magazine he selected was the 2010 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue featuring model Brooklyn Decker on its cover. [Update: Crime scene photos revealed that Black actually opted for SI’s $11.99 “Swimsuit Portfolio,” a bound volume also featuring Decker on its cover.]

A Walmart worker told investigators that Black “ejaculated onto the floor and wiped his hand on a toy along with rubbing his foot in the suspected semen on the floor.” He then “discarded the magazine behind some toys and proceeded to the front of the store,” employees reported. The defiled toy was a lightsaber (apparently of the "Star Wars" variety), according to a law enforcement source.

Though Black--who claimed he was shopping for a toy for his daughter--assured arresting officers that, “I swear I’m not a pervert,” and offered to clean up his mess, he was nonetheless charged with a felony and a misdemeanor. One charge, battery on a child, was filed since a “reasonable person would believe that a child would come in contact with the fluid on the toy being that it was left in the toy aisle of the store.” (4 pages)

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Clean up in aisle 3!
They should have titled this article, "Black and Decker"
For all we know he may have been a substitute teacher for the "health" class and they're studying masturbation in class. Just doing some investigative lesson preparation.
Masturbation and religion should be practiced in private, far away from children.
(1) Makes me wonder how many people do this and don't get caught. (2) Were those "crime scene photos" taken with a cell phone? they're terrible!
The masturbator guy was arrested for conspiracy to commit murder in high school for planning a Columbine like attack. How did he ever get hired as a substitute teacher?
He ran a batch in Walmart. Big deal. We used to have Black Friday. Now we have White Tuesday
Hilarious! "What aisle are nuts on?" "Whole and chopped nuts are in grocery, busted nuts are in the toy aisle."
he pleaded to battery. Does that mean he issued a beating?
Obviously, not the least bit of self control. Yet he wants to teach YOUR CHILDREN. 1,000,000:1, he's a liberal/progressive/Democrat who voted for ObowMao, and would/will again.
Interesting how when a white man comments sexual crimes like this there are comments that express concerns for his future, but if he were black (god forbid) guaranteed he'd be called vile name and stereotype that ever existed. Just an observation.
Actually he's a member of the young republicans in Florida and a Palin supporter
Stupidest comment I've ever read.
You would lose your million dollars, and prove once again that republicans are foolish with money. He sounds more like some of these guys: Judging from your very unintelligent post, I bet it's safe to say you voted for Bush* twice?
This has nothing to do with politics. There are just as many republicans who would do this sort of thing. The only thing we have to thank for this kind of crap is rampant pornography and an over-sexualized society.
I'm confused. The facts contradict your assetion. Historically it's often Republican senators who try to pick up men in airport bathrooms (Craig), hire prostitutes with campaign money (Vitter) and christian ministers who snort meth off the rump of male hustlers (Haggert) or hire male prostitutes for other purposes (Rekker), or sodomize barely legal boys (Long). Republican christians hold the title for Perverts.
Just one name you forgot.... Bill Clinton... nice pretty blue dress.... in the Oval office.... no thanks needed... just glad I could help you out.
Hmm... was Bill Clinton a Republican? Granted, he raped a woman (Juanita Broaddrick), which apparently isn't a big deal compared to doing something gay. And I find it interesting how liberals are the first to say they are so tolerant, but always resort to gay slanders when referring to conservatives. If republicans hold the title for pervs, I guess we can say democrats hold the title for hypocrite scumbags? Here's a decent list to start with...
Amen. These hypocrites want you to "do as I say. Not as I do." Plenty of perverted characters to go around.
Regulate Smegma.
I could care less about how bad this is going to be for this guy's future. He's lucky no protective father (like me) walked into that aisle with their child. What a piece of crap. You might as well lock him up and throw away the key because he's most likely a current or future child molester. You can't rehab a piece of garbage like this.
Amen, brother. Amen to that.
Everyone is so sensitive after 911. Thanks alot Bin Laden!
When aroused, get some privacy
what kind of punishment is this..?
Wouldn't this have been more appropriate in the Beef Jerky aisle? (with special sauce)
Jerk off!
Cleanup on aisle 9
I'd say Jedd's comment is right on as it was his offing that caused the mess both literally and figuratively.
Why didn't he just go out to his car and take care of business - more comfortable as well...Now he has a record and has screwed-up his future employment opportunities!!! Dumb A$$!!!
Because he wanted the kids to see him. That was the whole point.