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Inmate Nabbed In Penal Drug Interdiction

Jailers found baggie of cocaine in suspect’s foreskin

Crack Cocaine

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Foreskin Crack

FEBRUARY 9--In one of strangest drug interdictions in penal history, Kentucky jailers last week discovered a small baggie of crack cocaine hidden in the foreskin of a man who was booked into a Louisville jail.

According to cops, Antoine Banks was collared last Wednesday on a drug charge following a traffic stop (the 25-year-old had a water bottle with liquid codeine and a marijuana roach that appeared to have been dipped in the codeine). When he was booked into jail, Banks was asked whether he had any weapons or contraband on him. He answered, “No.”

But during a “clothed pat down search,” corrections officers discovered that a “small baggie of suspected crack cocaine was tied to the front of the waistband” of Banks’s boxer shorts. That discovery prompted investigators to conduct a strip search to look for other contraband.

As described in a Louisville Metro Department of Corrections report, that hunt turned up “another small baggie” that was “found in the foreskin of the subjects penis.” That baggie, the size of which was not detailed, contained crack rocks. As a result, Banks was hit with two additional felony charges--cocaine trafficking and promoting contraband.

The drugs seized from Banks’s shorts and penis were turned over to the Louisville Police Department’s property room, where the items were logged as evidence.  

Banks, pictured in the above mug shot, spent a day in custody before being released on $5000 bond. He is scheduled for a February 14 court hearing. (2 pages)

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When asked about the baggie of crack cocaine discovered in his foreskin, Antoine reportedly replied, "Man, that ain't mine."
Hey, look at it this way. He is lucky. At least he has a foreskin. It is more than most American men can say.
good one "veniceguy" "What a real dick Everybody knows that crack goes in the crack! That's why it's named that!" HA HA HA wow all ya have something funny to say.
Officers also found a crack pipe, drivers license, and a spare car key hidden under the foreskin as well.
another reason to support circumcision.
Gives a whole new definition of Crack Head.
How much foreskin is required to hide a baggie of crack in it and what horny officer decided to peel it back, we need a pic.
If you want to see a pic then it isn't the officer that is horny.
Let that be a lesson to you... that crack you are smoking MIGHT have been hidden in someones penis.
Just wait until the TSA hears about this one...
What a real dick! Everybody knows that crack goes in the crack! That's why it's named that!