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Yuck: Fred Durst Is Dripping In Baby Oil

New rider confirms Limp Bizkit is alive, touring

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Limp Bizkit Rider

FEBRUARY 27--Who knew that Limp Bizkit was an ongoing concern?

As it turns out, the Fred Durst-fronted group is in the midst of its 2014-15 world tour, a 20th anniversary celebration that includes a June 9 show at the NTC Aegon Arena in Bratislava, Slovakia (tickets still available).

Limp Bizkit is touring with a 32-page concert rider that is “intended to ensure that each engagement runs as smoothly as possible. We think it is a reasonable rider, but please assume that EVERY point in it is vital for a good performance.”

Highlights of these “points” include:

* We do not want to know what Durst does with those two large bottles of baby oil that are placed nightly in his dressing room. Readers, however, are free to speculate in the below comments section.

* Promoters must provide a round-the-clock “Personal Security Detail,” or “PSD,” for the group. “The PSD...must be on the same [hotel] floor as Fred Durst.” The rider does not disclose whether Durst & Co. have been the subject of threats, though Limp Bizkit has often been described as one of music’s most-hated acts. 

* The band would prefer that concertgoers “be subject to a full body search.”

* “Lentil soups are a favorite!”

* In dressing rooms, “Dimmable lamps – VERY IMPORTANT!!!"

* Durst, 44, demands two oxygen tanks with “regulators and sterile mask.”

* Promoters also must “have access to a ‘Rock Friendly’ lawyer, medical doctor, dentist, masseuse and/or chiropractor as required.” (7 pages)