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Meet The Felon With The Golden Voice

The lengthy rap sheet of sensation Ted Williams

Ted Williams

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Williams Police Report

JANUARY 5--Before becoming the country’s most distinctive new voice, Ted Williams compiled a lengthy rap sheet that landed him in several Ohio lockups on a variety of criminal charges, according to law enforcement records.

Williams, 53, has been busted for theft, robbery, escape, forgery, and drug possession. He is pictured below in mug shots (click to enlarge) taken as a result of those Ohio collars, which stretch back more than two decades.

The convicted felon’s speedy rise to fame is not sitting well with one Columbus businessman who called cops on Williams and a female companion in early-July. The man, a manager at National Tire & Battery, told cops that Williams and the woman were “refusing to leave the business property” and had become an “ongoing problem” for the business, according to a police report.

While Williams begged customers for money, the woman “gets picked up and dropped off in the parking lot by various and numerous males in different vehicles. The management had repeatedly asked the two suspects to stay off the property and have been cussed and yelled at by the suspects for their effort.”

Cops warned Williams and his companion that they would be arrested if they returned to the property. The businessman, who only wanted to be identified as Dan, told TSG that Williams’s newfound notoriety had left him a “little aggravated.” The man said that he had seen Williams urinate in front of the business, and watched recently as he and his female friend stripped to their underwear as they changed into dry clothes during a rainstorm.

Dan added that his company shares a lot with a Lowe’s store, and he has seen Williams stealing items from cars parked by customers visiting the home improvement firm. “He’s basically been a thief for the past two years,” Dan said. The businessman added that last month he saw cops putting Williams in a squad car. However, the Columbus Division of Police had no record of Williams being collared in December. (1 page)

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This guy looks just like Barack Obama!
Let's just STOP judging others. Period.
Yep, that's the ticket. Then everyone can simply behave like scumbags.
Its being reported today that celebrity bum Ted Williams walked out of Rehab yesterday against doctor's orders. See for details. You'll have to input "Ted Williams" into the search box on the NY Daily News web site to bring up the story. For some reason the full URL to the story won't post here correctly. Among other things, the article provides some additional details on the previously reported "family altercation" that took place in a hotel room a week or so ago. Specifically: Days earlier on Jan. 10, his daughter accused him of hitting her and said that he had gone on drinking binges. "He said, 'You, you fat [expletive],' and when he said that, I just got angry," Janey Williams told Dr. Phil on a later broadcast. "He's consumed at least a bottle of Grey Goose a night, at least. That's not including the Coronas he orders, that's not including Budweisers he orders, that's not including the other alcohol, the wines." After that incident, Williams admitted to McGraw that he had relapsed and checked himself into the rehab center. Williams' whereabouts since leaving rehab are unclear Once a bum always a bum?
For those who say "everyone deserves a second chance" I agree with the poster who said "not everyone." The drunk driver who killed Nick Adenhart and his two passengers and critically injured the third was on his second chance, FYI. Add to this the fact that Mr. GV has had more chances than most people. He has a "disease" therefore he can commit multiple crimes for which was arrested 12 or 13 times (and those are just the times he was caught). He also abandoned his children. It wasn't him, it was the "disease." The problem is using a "disease" as an excuse to deny responsibility. I hope he gets well for his own and his family's sake, if they're still speaking to him after the latest fiasco at the hotel, but let's stop deifying the guy.
Are they going to add his newest Mug Shot to this story?
We all know in one year he'll be broke, on drugs again, and still eating dumpster sure dr phil got his fat greasy fingers on him and maybe that will buy him another year or two. But as far as america accepting criminals as celebrities? whats one of the number one comedies on tv....two and a half men. Charlie Sheen basically plays himself, minus the drug binges, hooker tossing, and wife slapping. Still number one though. I think america can forgive if it thinks you are good looking. I just dont like that this clown gets a huge gig right away when there are people who paid for college in a broadcasting school that will never get this kind of chance. But if you live on the street chances are you arent mary poppins, and if you were you'd be dead within 2 weeks so it's a credit to him for living so long on the street cause a lot of people cant make it 3 days. But if he ever does go back to prison im sure the inmates would love to have someone with a golden throat in their cell!
Haters like Redrover is gonna hate. You jealous? Bet you are. If the man goes back to jail, then I will say "I am sorry, you are right." Until then, your arguments doesn't matter to anyone here. "Only a liberal plays the race card when the evidence goes against him." I don't really care for politics, you can label me whatever you want, call me a liberal if it makes you happy. For one, I don't believe in big governments. Have you ever even taken a political science class? You talk big like you know a lot everything, yet you use insults like conservatives or liberals. Do you even know what liberalism mean? You ignorant people distort the meaning of liberalism and categorize it with left-wing political parties. Liberals and conservatives are just labels used by dumb people who doesn't know anything about political science. Calling me a liberal because I played the race card? HA how dumb are you. People who believe in the human species because we have so much potential to be something greater are ABOVE all POLITICS, no right, no left, but towards the future. PS. Stop crying over spilled milk, your tears will flood the Earth before Global Warming kicks in.
Have you ever considered enrolling in an adult education program and earning your GED?
RedRover said it best when he outlined a way these 'homeless' can get back on their feet. And many do not by their own choosing. I think Ted was one of those. They take the 'easy' way as opposed to the going to a job every day way. There's little sympathy to he mustered there. But regardless, he got a break because of, as redrover put it in another post: "He's the latest feel-good cause for the easily entertained and morally confused". Ted was no winner, by the longest stretch. But he is where he is, and no need to try and pull him back down just so we feel good about it. And if he stays clean and improves his life, he can be a winner, redeem himself, all that jazz.
Thanks for taking the time to respond to my posts "ColumbusCop", I understand where you are coming from and, not that you needed to prove it to me, the validity that you are a police officer as well. Having a law enforcement background myself, your original post did not read as if you were actually in law enforcement but more so an "armchair officer". And yes, I understand having to post with anonymity. We are not unalike. Where I am located required me to learn another language to handle folks like Ted, and even then it is a struggle to get them pointed in the right direction with out getting bogged down in bureaucracy. However, in this day and age I also understand the discontent people have for Ted. Like a career criminal that scratches and wins $1,000,000, people have little patience for repeat offenders winning their own personal lotteries. Ted will pay at some point, just as he clearly is now. My opinion on the matter is not that I am a "player hater", it's that the general public is only hearing a fraction of Ted's story and had they heard it all prior to this incident staged by the newspaper reporter, they may not be as passionate/supportive about it. I wish Ted some sort of luck, because he is going to need it.
The police at the motel new Ted was drunk. He kept repeating the words, "I am the great Corn-holeo, I need some TP for my bung hole."
people can recover, and people deserve second chances. I am proof of it. I was a criminal, drug addict and general waste of life. 20 years ago it was, I used all kinds of drugs and was drunk all the time. I slept under bridges and ate out of dumpsters. I did 5 years in prison. and even went right back to old habits upon release. but without the help of programs or friends or family, I sobered up, worked odd labor jobs to go to college. I got a bachelors degree in IT networking project management. I used my degree and certifications to work for a couple of smaller consulting firms, now I am the CEO of my own global networking firm. I currently make more than 5 million a year and have over 10,000 employees in 17 different countries. and haven't touched a drop of booze or picked up a drug in more than 12 years. people can reform and become productive citizens. my company has a program to reform and train people like Ted, and provide them with a good job with benefits. we work with prisoner release programs and abuse centers to find the ideal candidates for our program. and it does work. sometimes we do get people that go back to their old habits while in the program or while working, but that is to be expected. but the over all success rate is above 72% and that makes it all worth it.
Good for You! These are the stories that make it worthwhile!
Good Luck and God Bless Mr. Williams. To everyone else in Fifty years who gives a sh*t, so get over it.
Look: You folks who are apologizing and romanticizing this man need to WAKE UP! Addicts are wily and pernicious people who often don't give a DAMN about anyone but themselves! I have absolutely no empathy for a man who neglects and abandons his FIVE children, who thieves, who panders and preys on people in a filthy life of petty crime to feed his addiction and lifelong focus on himself at the expense of others. When has Ted Williams with his ridiculous "golden" voice done ANYTHING for his children (FIVE of them)?! When has he focused on anything other than his addiction and his narcissism? If you are an addict, you should be in recovery working that step that relates to MAKING AMENDS to the people who you have harmed! When the cameras came on and the interviews started the only thing that I needed to hear from Ted Williams is how sorry he is/was to all them people he has harmed, including his partially blind ex-wife, his children, and many more; and that he would try to use the money he makes in the future to address his moral and financial debts. Nothing else from his golden mouth is sufficient.
It's amazing that we live in the richest country in the world, yet we can comment on a person and sound so closed off and ignorant like we come from somewhere else. Obviously you have no understanding about addiction and how it effects a person and there mental status. People don't choose that way of life, and Mr. Williams mother doesn't appear to be the type of women who would bring her son up in this world to behave that way. It is much easier for you to throw stones at a this stranger then try for one moment to walk in there shoes to understand. You have no idea what went on between him and his wife..or there children for that matter. There is always 3 sides to a story...His..Hers and THE TRUTH! People in recovery have to work on forgiving themselves and well as asking for forgivness from others...and a lot of times the others don't want to forgive. If this is Mr. Williams chance to become that better person and do whats right for him and his family...then SHAME ON YOU for leaving your half-witted comment. You don't need to hear anything from him either....HE OWES YOU NOTHING! And for everyone else that has some rude-ass comment...All you are is JELEOUS, and that is something GOD did not teach us to be! OH and I know all you Atheists out there are going to say something, so if thats the case and the lights go out in the end...then you should understand that the ideal of "GET IT WHILE THE GETTINGS GOOD" and hope that you meet him someday to beg for money!! LOL!
"People don't choose that way of life" Yes... they do. And the rest of us choose not to.
Well hopefully you or any of your loved ones will NEVER go through something of this magnitude in your lives. You would never forgive them or stand by them, and if it was yourself...I don't think you would be able to overcome it.
You may "hope" all you like. However, in my family we frown on abandoning your children and being a thieving drugy. So to that extent you are correct, we would have very little sympathy and the reaction would be harsh and immediate.
Hey there naive do-gooders out there in Internet Land. Your hero bum is in trouble with the law again. Check out the breaking news story on the LA Times web site at For some reason the full URL to the Ted Williams altercation story won't post properly here but you can see it for yourself under "LA Now" in the local news section.. Time for mug shot #13?
Stupid is as stupid does. Life is like a six pack of beer, you drink them all and you will be drunk. Ted, here today, gone tomorrow. What is the next news story. Next!!!!!!!!!!
I said it in another post, but reading the run and how it went, it'd have been a quick "parties advised" run if he wasn't noteworthy. family members in each other's faces happens ALL the time. Hotel arguments happen ALL the time. That run read like hundreds I've been on. No injuries, no one claiming assault, then 'parties advised". Off to the next run.
And.... as others have pointed out, having the cops in his face is a personal choice Ted makes ALL the time.
Ha ha, awesome! I guess the kids want part of his fortune and fame. I'd imagine it was tough growing up without. I wonder how many bench warrants have been issued for him in Ohio? My guess is that he hasn't shown up for several court appearances. As soon as he hits his home pavement again, they'll be waiting for him. Perhaps "the cop" that posted below can give us some insight.
See below. Short answer: Yep, I'd take him straight to jail.
True! I wonder what the kind-hearted police officer thinks?
Kind hearted? Why, thank you (rolling eyes). Anyway, yes, he has a warrant here in Columbus. I don't remember what it was, but I recall it was a minor thing, like no ops or something. That's public knowledge. And what would I do if he showed up? I'd snatch him up, verify the warrant, and if still good, I'd take him right to jail. That's not an issue for me. What my issue involves is that IF this works out for him and he gets clean, that's great. But I am pretty darn certain he wouldn't make the right choices and get arrested, but me and other officers, if he didn't get this break. Why in the *** would anyone want him to just stay where he was? I'm not saying hold hands and pray that he makes it. I'm just saying quit throwing tantrums that this career petty criminal got a break. if he cleans up, he deserved it. If he doesn't, he deserves the crash that comes. The odds are against him to stay clean, but hopefullly he does. And his recent 'detainment' in LA? Horse sh*t. reading how the run went, that'd have been a 5 minute 'nothing to see here' run if he wasn't notorious. They 'detained' him because he was noteworthy, which technically according ot our directives, if I do run across Ted again, I'd have to contact a supervisor because of the chance the media would get involved. and it'd result in him being 'detained' for a longer period of time than before he was in his 15 minutes of fame.
You seem to missing the point. People who are critical of this don't want him to stay where he is, nor are they throwing tantrums. They are critical of a culture and mentality that rewards and makes a wealthy celebrity of a bum, dead beat father and criminal. Ted deserves a social worker and a job sweeping a floor somewhere. If characterizing people who have scruples and/or a values system as "throwing tantrums" helps you to diminish a concept you can't get your head around..... knock yourself out.
Hey, to be fair it might just have been his kid demanding to know where he was for the last twenty years. If it had been in a private house, like this kind of screaming match happens all over the world, it probably wouldn't have involved police or the media. I am happy to imagine that it was his kid/s screaming at him and saying, "You want to be back in my life after being a scumbag for so many years??!?!". But then a calmer, more rational side of me hopes that they can overcome the darker stuff and maybe figure out a way to live. It still doesn't change the fact that I think he's still a scumbag until he proves otherwise, but if he is doing just that then he's probably in for more pain, real pain, than he's dealt with in those twenty years. Love can be more troubling than violence.
This one is pretty easy: I saw a homeless guy on TV who becomes an instant celebrity because of his voice. GOOD FOR HIM and GOOD LUCK. Then this website suddenly lambasts the guy for being a former criminal: I say SO WHAT? The operative word is FORMER. If he is a criminal now, then ARREST HIM. If not, HE HAS HIS RIGHTS so let him get on with his new found life. If he screws it up, its his problem. If not, then again GOOD FOR HIM and he deserves it all the more. These haters are the reason why America is self-destructing. And this website is indeed one of the "smoking guns" that fuel that destruction. It will be interesting to see how America slides down to regression as these haters bring a once great nation down.
I totally agree with your post. It seems that there is always a hater or two waiting in the wings...Shame on you !!! That's the problem with these high-handed individuals who actually do their dirt behind closed doors and yet to be caught. Everyone deserves a chance , DEAL WITH IT !!
You forgot to tell us what he did to deserve this..... besides hold up a cardboard sign in between pimping his girlfriend and breaking into cars in the parking lot. Seems like the capacity for air-heads to worship and celebrate the like's of Ted, Britany and Paris Hilton, is what is really wrong with our country these days.
EVERYONE deserves chances. Trust me when you find yourself in deep sh*t and you begin telling yourself that you will try to make good with your life, You will ask to deserve a chance as well. And as of you comparing a "felon with a golden voice" to a popstar and a spoiled rich brat, what happened to your logic? I'll tell you what.. that is called HATRED. And like you just demonstrated, hatred doesn't even have the logic to distinguish.
Let's use some logic, then, to help you put it into perspective. Actually, let's just use some raw numbers, shall we? Let's use Lindsay Lohan as an example. Let's say she made $10,000,000. Out of that she paid approximately $3,000,000 in taxes. At least she paid for the cops to arrest and incarcerate her. Moral equivalence is certainly a sliding scale and very slippery slope, but if you want to compare Lohan to a man who has had the same talent for twenty years and only now decided to use it (which he didn't because he wasn't asking for job, he was begging for money as he usually did and, not just a week before, was pimping his girlfriend out) then you are off your rocker. It is not hate. It is reality. Until this scumbag actually proves he has re-entered society in a meaningful way then he will remain a scumbag. Respect is earned, not given. You need to grow up and realize that there are people in this world that have standards and insist that those standards be met. That is not called hatred. That is called expectation. When you have expectations, those that cannot meet the minimum requirements (such as not pimping out girlfriends, leaving your children and family, etc, etc, etc) are cast into a pool of distrust until they prove themselves worthy again. Again, the onus is on Mr.Williams to prove himself and live up to our expectations, not the other way around.
No..... everyone does not deserve more chances. I didn't compare this felon to anyone. I compared yours and some of the public's attention and sympathy for this bum to the same sort of shallow, soft headed, media driven thinking that makes darlings of the likes of Brittany Spears and Paris Hilton. That is called RATIONAL thinking. And, like you just demonstrated , the lack of it renders you unable to distinguish right from wrong.
"And, like you just demonstrated , the lack of it renders you unable to distinguish right from wrong.". I think you just summed up the entire argument very well. Thread over!
He said from the beginning that he had been in quite a lot of trouble in the past. He has a choice now. To continue to be part of the problems of society, or to get on the right track and become part of the solution. Most people like him woud have chosen the former, because it's easier, and because the deeper in trouble you get, the less hope you have of ever climbing out of that hole. After paying his dues, he had a lot of doors closed to him and very few avenues left towards success. I'm sure it was not at all pleasent or hopeful for him standing on the corner out in the cold with a sign. Congratulations to him! He has my high praise for his miraculous turn around! What a beakon of hope for others in the same situation he was in. I hope they all do as he did, and try their best to do whatever they can to become contributing members of society. It's either that, or the opposite, which is continuing to be a problem. Do we really want that?
In a few weeks when he's found in a cheap motel with a couple of whores and a lot of crack, we can set him up for mug shot # 13. And then, you can tell us it's our fault for not blowing him enough kisses.
I really think that you should give up your "day" job Swami and proceed with your career in predicting the Future !
Thanks..... it seems he was busted today in a cheap motel.
Well Redrover .. Ted is officially headed to rehab . I am happy he took the step. Why not just wait it out and see what happens.. Also, Ted was being housed in a hotel provided I believe by The Today Show. It appears that he had taken a drink or two... he deserves a chance God.
Send a card to his 9 kids.
After this weekends shootings, looks like this crack heads 15 minutes of fame are up.
Maybe he can do voice over commercials for Colt 45 or the anti drug adds....This is your brain, this is your brain on drugs. Do you think he will have a tendancy to piss in the flowers at his new place of employment or will he use the restroom?