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Wild 'n Swayze & Gore No Bore

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Wild 'n Swayze & Gore No Bore

Al Gore FBI Interview

Today, TSG offers two hunks for the price of one:

1) Seems that Patrick Swayze's June 1 plane crash might have been caused by something other than a supposed "pressurization problem." This Prescott Valley, Arizona police report indicates that the actor was apparently liquored up when he planted his Cessna. According to three local men, after the crash they helped the "Dirty Dancing" star ditch a wine bottle and a beer stash. Now the trio faces criminal charges since, on the day of the crash, they made false statements to cops, denying that Swayze was juiced. The actor, of course, will probably avoid charges since he (brilliantly) went on the lam for nearly 12 hours after the accident, keeping clear of any scary Breathalyzer machines. (9 pages)

2) Normally, we avoid politics since documents about mayhem, celebrities, and sex are far more interesting. But we couldn't pass up these excerpts from just-released FBI interviews with Al Gore (the veep was questioned during the bureau's campaign finance inquiry). Marvel as Gore portrays the Washington Post's Bob Woodward as vindictive, basically calls ex-White House adviser George Stephanopoulos a liar, and employs the now-famous "iced tea defense." (3 pages)