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Skimpy, Greasy, and Shady

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Skimpy, Greasy, and Shady

Greasy Hardee's

Eminem Gun Busts

Sorry, but TSG's on a paper binge:

1) When it comes to employee dress codes, you'd think Victoria's Secret would be receptive to short skirts and "tight, revealing clothing." But as this company manual shows, apparently only Tyra and Heidi get to work in such provocative outfits. Seems that the Bra Salon is a rather constricting place. (6 pages)

2) We're not sure why Jacksonville, Florida police removed Zandra Hill's name from this report, but the 19-year-old Hardee's employee was recently arrested for giving customer Virginia Houston the kind of fast food service she could have done without. (2 pages)

3) He's got a long way to go before replacing Puffy in TSG's heart, but this kid Eminem's working real hard. Here are the two separate Michigan criminal complaints just filed against gun-lovin' Slim Shady. (3 pages)