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Andrews Stalker Targeted Others

ESPN star not only TV personality researched by peeper

Erin Andrews

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Andrews Stalker Targeted Other Reporters

FEBRUARY 9--In arguing that ESPN reporter Erin Andrews's peephole stalker deserves 27 months in prison, federal prosecutors have revealed that the man ran online background checks on other female sports reporters and television personalities.

While none of these celebrities was surreptitiously filmed by Michael Barrett, about 16 other women were " almost precisely the same way that he victimized" Andrews, according to a sentencing memorandum filed yesterday in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles. The prosecution filing, excerpts of which you'll find here, notes that Barrett's Internet "People Searches" can produce birth dates and home addresses.

The memo also includes a two-page inventory of Barrett peephole videos uploaded to Daily Motion, a clip sharing web site. He gave the Andrews videos--which were shot through hotel room peepholes--titles like "Erin Andrews Spectacular Butt," "Erin Andrews in a Pink Thong," and "Erin go WOW!!"

The court filing also reports that Andrews wants Barrett to pay her about $335,000 in restitution, a request supported by prosecutors, who noted that the stalking has had a "devastating impact on...Andrews' emotional state, and the emotional distress caused to her and her family cannot be overstated. She has lived in fear for her physical safety."

Barrett, who has pleaded guilty to felony stalking, is scheduled to be sentenced on March 15. (16 pages)