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Another Obama Backer Busted

Where are the mug shots of drunk, hooker-loving McCain fans?

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Another Obama Backer Busted

SEPTEMBER 16--What, no John McCain fans ever get arrested for DUI or soliciting sex from a prostitute? For the third time in recent weeks, a Barack Obama supporter has been popped while advertising his support for the Democratic presidential candidate.

According to Florida cops, Derek Lundy was nabbed over the weekend for drunk driving (his blood alcohol content measured nearly twice the state's .08 limit). As seen in his mug shot, at the time of his arrest, the 46-year-old electrician was still wearing evidence of his political preference--an Obama 'Union Voter' sticker.

As seen in the mug shots here and here, Chicago men wearing Obama t-shirts have recently been arrested on misdemeanor prostitution charges. (3 pages)