On Any Given Sunday...

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On Any Given Sunday...

Jamie Foxx Police Report

So you want to be a football hero?

1) Real-life quarterback Peyton Manning (whose Indianapolis Colts were just bounced from the playoffs) is the NFL's new golden boy. But don't tell that to Jamie Whited, a former trainer at the University of Tennessee who once claimed that Manning was one of many UT athletes to harass her. In this excerpt from a UT investigative report, Whiting tells of being mooned by Manning (the QB's name has been redacted), an action that the school termed "horseplay" that did not constitute sexual harassment. But Manning's coach did take "immediate disciplinary action" against the athlete (though the punishment was on the QT). (2 pages)

2) Make-believe quarterback Jamie Foxx, star of Oliver Stone's "Any Given Sunday," appears only semi-tough. During filming last year, Foxx filed battery charges against co-star LL Cool J after the rapper pushed and punched Foxx. These ad-libs, Foxx helpfully told Miami cops responding to Pro Player Stadium, were "not part of the script." So much for improv! Here's the Miami police incident report (charges against LL appear not to have stuck). (2 pages)