DOCUMENT: Roundups

Bailout Time!

Don't count on Bernanke, Paulson to rescue these recent arrestees

SEPTEMBER 19--In recognition of Wall Street's bailouts and bankruptcies, this week's mug shot roundup kicks off with a Texas perp whose soccer jersey carries the logo of one fallen financial giant.

And keep this in mind: 1) The gentleman advertising his guns on page #9 was nabbed for breaking into a Michigan ice cream shop; 2) No, the men on page #13 were not arrested for that. They were nabbed last month while demonstrating during the Democratic National Convention; and 3) Since the distinctive t-shirt worn by the Floridian on page #17 was carelessly cropped by a sheriff's employee, we've included a photo of an identical shirt for reference. And, no, we have no idea what that giraffe line means. (18 pages)