Blue Dot Special

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Blue Dot Special

Lesson Eighteen

Today, a variety show:

1) Normally, TSG avoids photographs since paper is far more interesting. But we're making an exception with this wonderful picture we found in an FBI photo collection at the National Archives. That's J. Edgar Hoover, America's most famous law enforcement official, in the middle. But who have we obscured with that hideous blue dot? You could probably figure it out, but page two will confirm those suspicions. (2 pages)

2) Barring another stay, here's how the U.S.government will kill Timothy McVeigh.

3) Speaking of unrepentant murderers, now that those four mooks have been convicted in the embassy bombing trial, we point them to Lesson Eighteen in the terrorism how-to manual investigators believe has been used by followers of Saudi madman Osama bin Laden. These handy tips will make a life sentence fly by. (2 pages)