Convicted Felon Calls For Sopranos Boycott

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Convicted Felon Calls For Sopranos Boycott

Last week, the New York Post and Mr. Showbiz reported that the National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations is mounting a boycott of HBO's "The Sopranos." Seems that William Fugazy, NECO's chairman, believes the acclaimed Mafia drama is an "embarassment and a slap in the face to every Italian-American in this country." Fugazy, a reptilian sleazeball, knows from embarassment: he pleaded guilty in 1997 to federal charges that he committed perjury during the course of a personal bankruptcy filing. Fugazy's felony, detailed in this plea agreement, resulted in a sentence of home detention and probation. In addition, the 75-year-old Fugazy has been fingered as an organized crime "associate" by turncoat gangster Al D'Arco, former acting boss of the Luchese crime family. During a 1997 criminal trial, according to this transcript excerpt, government witness D'Arco testified that Fugazy was once aligned with New York's powerful Genovese crime syndicate. Ouch. (8 pages)

Eat your heart out, Inspector Gadget.

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