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Cops Hunt Bare-Breasted Bandits

Florida man claims he was robbed by overall-clad quartet

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Cops Hunt Bare-Breasted Bandits

SEPTEMBER 30--A Florida man claims that he was robbed by a quartet of topless women who took $100 from his pants pocket. And, no, this alleged crime did not occur in a strip club.

Olmer Morales, 18, told cops that he was bicycling to work Saturday morning when five women stopped him on a Stuart street. Morales claimed that four of the women were thin, had blonde hair, and wore 'overalls and no shirts or bras underneath.'

Morales reported that a fifth woman, heavyset and wearing a long white t-shirt beneath her overalls, jumped in front of his bicycle and grabbed the handlebars while her topless cohorts 'surrounded him taking his money,' according to a Martin County Sheriff's Office report.

A sheriff's spokesperson said this morning that no arrests have been made in the alleged robbery, which sounds like it was lifted from the letters section of Penthouse Forum. (2 pages)