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Courtney Love Litigation Festival

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Courtney Love Litigation Festival

Malama Spa v. Courtney Love

Courtney Love Witness List

In honor of our favorite litigious female rocker, here's a Courtney Lovefest:

1) Our gal is embroiled in a nasty Los Angeles Superior Court lawsuit with the owners of a Beverly Hills mansion Love briefly rented last year for $25,000 a month. Courtney claims she vacated the home in mid-December because her landlord "continually' snooped' around," entered the house without her consent, and failed to fix "substantial leaks." The owners, of course, see things a bit differently, as detailed in this excerpt from their cross-complaint. They charge that Love "left behind a trail of damage and missing items," including water damage caused when "Love stuffed feminine hygiene or other products into a toilet, thereby creating a stoppage which created a flood." The two sides are each seeking damages and want to be awarded the $50,000 security deposit. (5 pages)

2) A Hawaiian spa is suing Love for nonpayment of a hefty bill. According to this Circuit Court complaint filed by the Malama Salon & Spa, Love owes them $15,028.35 for a variety of services provided last year. Seems that before she attended the May 21 "Pearl Harbor" premiere, Courtney got the full spa treatment from a dozen Malama employees, who were dispatched to Love's rented Oahu mansion on a Sunday evening. There they pampered the musician (hair, nails, skin treatment, etc.) into the wee hours of the following morning, according to a spa representative. The bill became particularly large because Love was charged premiums for off-site and weekend services. She has yet to formally respond to the Hawaii lawsuit. (4pages)

3) Finally, regarding Love's Seattle lawsuit against the two surviving members of Nirvana (Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic), Courtney has just filed this star-studded list of her potential witnesses for the trial slated for September. Along with various record company executives and music journalists, Love may call Bono, Michael Stipe, Drew Barrymore, and directors Cameron Crowe and Milos Forman. In addition to the lawsuit parties, the alt-rock world may also be represented by Pat Smear, Melissa Auf Der Maur, Patty Schemel, and Eric Erlandson. (2 pages)