Donald Trump: The .00013% Man

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Donald Trump: The .00013% Man

Is there a cheaper billionaire than Donald Trump?

With all that dough, you'd think the presidential aspirant might use some green to benefit society (because those garish skyscrapers and Atlantic City clip joints ain't the grandest legacy).

Alas, the Donald J. Trump Foundation has donated a paltry total of $475,624 over the past five years, according to these excerpts from the group's IRS returns for 1994-98. Compared to other business barons like Bill Gates and David Geffen, The Donald looks like a lousy penny-pincher.

According to Forbes magazine, Trump is worth $1.6 billion--so his 1998 charity of $212,403 amounts to a whopping.00013 of his stash. Impressive, Donny. (6 pages)

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Donal Trump creates JOBS for Americans. His ability to control How he spends his money in charitable ways shows he THINKS before acting. Doesnt just throw money away. Thats what this country needs - someone who knows how things work, not just a "do anything for votes" type of puppet. This is a true AMERICAN, with the proven capacity to organize and develop businesses, lead people, and deliver on what is RIGHT for himself and the people around him. TRUMP for PRESIDENT 100% AMERICAN.