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A Seinfeld Switch & A Self-Absorbed Snitch

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A Seinfeld Switch & A Self-Absorbed Snitch

Valachi Memo

Usuallly TSG sees name change petitions filed by women stuck with unfortunate names like Millicent or Mulva. So we're not sure why Jerry Seinfeld's wife-to-be Jessica Sklar dumped the pleasant name Nina for Jessica in this 1995 application filed in New York's State Supreme Court (though Jessica Seinfeld will have a nicer ring to it than Nina Seinfeld). And while we'd love to see it, the wedding reception will probably not be catered by the Soup Nazi. (4 pages)

Sure, the president's just been whacked, but what about me!? In this 1963 FBI memo, underworld songbird Joe Valachi looks out for Number One. (1 page)