Hooker Caught By Drone Camera Pleads Guilty

Oklahoman, 27, was filmed by "video vigilante"

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Drone Prostitute

MARCH 28--A hooker who was filmed by a drone as she serviced a john in the front seat of a car has pleaded guilty to a public lewdness charge, according to Oklahoma court records.

Amanda Zolicoffer, 27, copped to the misdemeanor charge and was sentenced to a year in state prison, a term that will run concurrently with lengthier sentences she received last month in an unrelated felony prosecution.

The case against Zolicoffer’s codefendant, Douglas Blansett, 76, is pending.

Zolicoffer and Blansett were charged with public lewdness after a self-described “video vigilante” provided Oklahoma City cops with footage (seen above) showing the duo appearing to have sex in the front seat of Blansett’s truck.

According to a probable cause affidavit, Brian Bates, the anti-prostitution avenger, followed Blansett’s Ford F-150 after he spotted Zolicoffer entering the vehicle. When the truck turned down a deserted road leading to a tire yard, Bates launched his drone from an adjacent street.

As seen in Bates’s footage (beginning around the 4:10 mark), he lowered the drone to within a few feet of Blansett’s truck. As detailed in the police affidavits, the footage revealed that “Zolicoffer’s pants were off and the driver appeared to be having sexual intercourse with Zolicoffer.”

Investigator Ben Lacaze noted that, “Once Zolicoffer and the driver saw the drone, they immediately ceased their activity and left the area.” Lacaze, a Vice Enforcement Unit officer, stated that he was “familiar with Zolicoffer and her involvement in prostitution related activity,” adding that she had distinctive facial tattoos that were visible in the drone video.

Zolicoffer’s rap sheet includes convictions for prostitution, credit card theft, cocaine trafficking, larceny, leaving the scene of an accident, and concealing stolen property. Blansett is a defendant in a second lewdness case in which his codefendant is a convicted prostitute.

Zolicoffer is pictured above in a mug shot taken last year. (2 pages)