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Dykstra The Deadbeat

Ex-MLB star's few remaining assets include a $10,000 dog

Lenny Dykstra

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Dykstra The Deadbeat

AUGUST 12--A month after filing for bankruptcy protection, former baseball star Lenny Dykstra has detailed the financial wreckage in which he is enveloped. In schedules filed this week in U.S. District Court in California, Dykstra lists liabilities of $37.1 million and claims assets of $24.6 million.

The ex-athlete's list of creditors runs 22 pages and details debts to law firms, banks, aviation companies, former employees, pilots, credit card companies, hotels, a chef, and the Internal Revenue Service. Dykstra, who has fashioned himself as a high-flying investor and stock picker, filed a statement listing his only current income as a $5700 monthly Major League Baseball pension (a copy of that schedule can be found here).

Dykstra, whose 12-year career included a World Series championship with the New York Mets and three All-Star selections, is facing numerous lawsuits accusing him of fraud and assorted financial impropriety. His wife Terri filed for divorce in April, and, in late-June, his brother Kevin sued him for breach of contract.

But Dykstra is not without loyal supporters. Listed among his personal property in the August 10 court filing is a German shepherd valued at a whopping $10,000. It is unclear how Dykstra priced this particular asset. (2 pages)