Private Parts Tattoo Leads To Man's Arrest

Felon has "Fun Size" inked below his belt

FEBRUARY 2--An Arizona man arrested for sending explicit messages and photos to a 16-year-old girl was identified thanks to a distinctive “Fun Size” tattoo on his genitals, police report.

According to investigators, Joshua Hillyard, 28, sent nude photos to a teenager he was mentoring through a local outreach program.

However, Hillyard, who works as a welder and steel fabricator, seems an odd choice for an adviser to juveniles.

Court records show that he is currently being supervised by Arizona probation officials in connection with prior felony convictions in Montana and Wyoming. In 2009, Hillyard was convicted of burglary and theft in Montana. In 2015, he was convicted of methamphetamine possession in Wyoming. His sentences in both cases included a probation component that was subsequently transferred to Arizona when he moved into the state.

Hillyard was arrested Thursday during a meeting with his probation officer. He was charged with providing harmful materials to a minor, a felony for which he has been booked into the Yavapai County jail.

Cops in Cottonwood, a central Arizona city, said that the victim initially told a safety officer at her high school that she had received unsolicited photos and messages from Hillyard. One image showed the words “Fun Size” tattooed on Hillyard’s penis, an apparent reference to “fun size” candies often distributed on Halloween.

When questioned by police, Hillyard admitted that he knew the girl’s age, but thought that Arizona’s age of consent was 16 (which he knew to be the law in Montana).

Cops did not reveal whether they obtained a warrant to examine--and possibly photograph--the heavily tattooed Hillyard’s private parts to confirm his below-the-belt ink. Hillyard is seen below in a photo from his Facebook page.