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Police: Woman Battered Beau With Pork Chop

Victim left lacerated after frozen meat struck him

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Pork Chop Battery

FEBRUARY 4--A Florida Woman is facing a domestic battery charge after allegedly clobbering her boyfriend in the face with a frozen pork chop during a dispute Friday night in their residence.

Cops allege that Jennifer Brassard, 48, and her beau were “engaged in a verbal argument” around 9:45 PM when Brassard “threw a frozen pork chop at the victim.” The pork chop, a criminal complaint notes, struck the man below the left eye, causing a half-inch laceration.

After getting hit with the pork chop, the 54-year-old victim fled the couple’s home.

Police arrested Brassard after determining that she was the “primary aggressor” during the domestic confrontation.

Pictured above, Brassard was booked into the county jail on a misdemeanor domestic battery charge. She was released from custody yesterday afternoon upon posting $250 bond. A judge has ordered Brassard to have no contact with her boyfriend.

The criminal complaint does not indicate whether the pork chop was seized as evidence. (1 page)