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Lewd Lambert Lambasted

FCC complaint letters rip "Idol" star's awards show act

Adam Lambert

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Lewd Lambert Lambasted

JANUARY 7--After "American Idol" runner-up Adam Lambert kissed a male bandmate/simulated oral sex with another guy on ABC's "American Music Awards" broadcast, the Federal Communications Commission received more than 5000 complaints about the primetime homoeroticism.

On these pages you'll find a sampling of the letters sent to the FCC by Americans who were outraged by Lambert's raunchy November 22 performance of his song "For Your Entertainment." The correspondence was released after TSG filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the FCC.

Many correspondents believed that Lambert, 26, ruined an evening they had been sharing with their children (most of whom who love Taylor Swift). A viewer from Rainbow City, Alabama thought that Lambert, who is gay, was "shoving his homosexuality down our throats." An Ohio resident wrote of being glad their 94-year-old grandmother had gone to bed before Lambert's "disgusting" display. However, the viewer noted, the elderly relative did have to endure a Shakira performance during which the gyrating singer was seen "pushing her twat in my face."

Another writer wondered whether a kiss shared by two "fudge packers" fell below broadcast standards.

Along with the barrage of complaints, a handful of correspondents wrote to support Lambert or goof on the anger prompted by his performance. Lambert was a "dangerous gay male" who should have been "denied...his rights as a human being," one viewer wrote. "All of the impressionable children that were watching this at 11pm on a school night with their parents permission may be scarred forever because of Mr. Lambert's disregard for family values." (28 pages)