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Living In America

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Living In America

Woodstock '99

From TSG's Music desk:

1) A strange man in a uniform shows up at you home--what do you do? Well, if you're James Brown, you allegedly swing a steak knife at the guy and call him "you son-of-a-bitch white trash." This Aiken County, South Carolina sheriff's report details a recent bizarre run-in between the Godfather of Soul and an electric company repairman. No charges have been filed against Brown, but his garish outfit (jogging pants with cowboy boots?) should have earned him a few days in the can. (2 pages)

2) Speaking of combustible substances, our friends at Sonicnet have prepared a comprehensive multimedia report on the madness of Woodstock '99. Among the documents Sonicnet obtained, this printout of calls received by the Rome, New York fire department tells you everything you need to know about those few days of "peace, love, and music." (2 pages)