Man Nabbed For Battering Easter Bunny

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Man Nabbed For Battering Easter Bunny

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APRIL 16--Meet Montell Howard. The 21-year-old Wisconsin man was just busted for assaulting the Easter Bunny. According to this police report, Howard roughed up a man dressed as the friendly rabbit during a visit to a Wausau mall. The bunny, 29-year-old Travis Peterson, was greeting children when Howard allegedly jumped into his lap and and started smashing him in the head. The assailant then put the Easter Bunny in a headlock and punched the rabbit in the mouth, as young mallgoers watched aghast. Howard, who did not know Peterson, was apprehended Monday when he returned to the Wausau Center mall, where security guards recognized him as the bunny batterer. Howard--whose rap sheet includes convictions for battery, domestic abuse, and drug distribution--was arrested this time for disorderly conduct. Prosecutors with the Marathon County District Attorney's office are now reviewing the assault case. Many thanks to our friends at the Wausau Daily Hearld, who broke the bunny story and provided TSG with the police reports. (3 pages)

Which reminds us of this drunken Santa Claus.