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FBI used Sherry Ann Ramos, 26, to ensnare judge

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OCTOBER 6--The Atlanta stripper who worked with the FBI to snare a federal judge on drug and gun charges is a convicted felon who spent three years in prison for her role in a methamphetamine distribution operation, The Smoking Gun has learned.

TSG has identified the FBI’s confidential informant as Sherry Ann Ramos, a 26-year-old Georgia woman who secretly recorded conversations with U.S. District Court Judge Jack T. Camp Jr., who allegedly paid Ramos for sex and purchased cocaine and other illegal drugs to use with her.

Ramos is pictured at left in a photo from her Facebook page, and below in an April 2004 mug shot taken following her arrest in the meth case. She is only identified as confidential informant 1, or “CI-1,” in court papers filed in the Camp case.

[Click here for a gallery of photos of Ramos, who lists her occupation as “exotic dancer, gold digger” in an online profile.]

Ramos was originally indicted in January 2005 on a narcotics distribution charge, but later cut a plea deal to a lesser count of using a phone to arrange the sale of more than 50 grams of methamphetamine. In describing the unnamed stripper/informant used in the Camp probe, FBI agents noted that the snitch's rap sheet included a “federal felony conviction for use of a telephone in connection with a drug trafficking crime.”

Ramos’s codefendant in the methamphetamine case, Juan Carlos Ramos, pleaded guilty to three felony charges and was sentenced to 12 years in prison (he is scheduled to be released in May 2015). The nature of the relationship between the Ramoses is unclear.

Federal court records show that shortly after Ramos was released from prison in November 2008, she was accused of violating various terms of her probation, including using marijuana, drinking alcohol to excess, and “associating with known felons.”

Last April, Ramos was arrested by cops for working at the Gold Rush Showbar strip joint without an adult entertainment permit (she unsuccessfully attempted to flee the establishment when vice cops arrived for an inspection, according to an Atlanta Police Department report). That charge was later dismissed. Ramos is pictured at right in an April 2009 Atlanta Department of Corrections mug shot.

While avoiding a prison return for the probation violations, Ramos was twice placed under home confinement, complete with electronic monitoring. She admitted to illegal drug use and attempting to avoid detection by “flushing her system” with a substance used to alter drug screens.

According to the criminal complaint against Camp, Ramos met the 67-year-old judge earlier this year at the Gold Rush Showbar, where “CI-1 worked as an exotic dancer.” Over the following months, investigators allege, Camp paid the stripper for sex and shared with her narcotics, “including cocaine, marijuana, Roxycodone, and Hydrocodone.”

At some point during their relationship, Ramos--before she even started cooperating with the FBI--began surreptitiously recording conversations with Camp, who is pictured below. She provided these tapes to the FBI, and then continued recording him at the direction of federal agents probing the jurist, who was appointed to the federal bench in 1988 by President Ronald Reagan.

During her FBI cooperation, Ramos acknowledged “engaging in prostitution and purchasing and using controlled substances,” crimes for which the government has promised not to prosecute her.

Ramos, who did not respond to TSG messages sent to her e-mail address and Facebook account, recently worked as a stripper at Follies, an Atlanta nightclub. According to the Camp complaint (a PDF copy of which can be downloaded here), Ramos and the judge met up last month at Follies, where they “each snorted cocaine” Ramos obtained from an unnamed individual.

According to a source, Ramos--dancing under the name “Cherry”--worked at Follies for a few weeks before she was let go following a dispute with another club employee. She is now reportedly working at another Atlanta-area strip club. (10 pages)

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