Minor League Fans Receive Major Shock

Police: Spectator, 24, openly pleasured himself

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Minor League Move

JULY 1--A Pennsylvania man who confessed to openly “playing with himself” last night while attending a minor league baseball game told cops that he became sexually excited due to the “young college girls” attending the game as well as his receipt of an unexpected text from his former girlfriend.

Andrew Vrana, 24, was busted after fellow spectators at the State College Spikes-Brooklyn Cyclones game reported him to Medlar Field staff. One witness said that Vrana was “sitting with his legs spread open and his feet resting on the safety rail while he ‘played with himself’ openly,” according to a probable cause affidavit.

When questioned by police, Vrana reportedly copped to “rubbing his genitals” on three separate occasions. Vrana, seen at right, said that he was “sexually excited” prior to arriving at the ballpark, “but decided to go anyways.”

Vrana said that he became more worked up “being in a crowd and seeing all of the young college girls around him.” Vrana is a 2014 graduate of Pennsylvania State University (Medlar Field is on the school’s campus). Vrana also claimed that his ex “unexpectedly texted him while he was at the game and the combination of everything caused him to get an erection.”

Upon being confronted with the erection, Vrana said, he began rubbing himself through his shorts, though he “never removed his genitals." (2 pages)