DOCUMENT: Roundups, Crime

Mustache Ride

Hirsute perps, people persons highlight roundup

mug shot roundup

NOVEMBER 13--This installment of our weekly mug shot roundup kicks off with a pair of mustachioed arrestees, both of whom were arrested this week--separately--in Georgia.

A few notes about the remaining perps: 1) The 19-year-old suspect on page #4 was nabbed Monday in Florida for driving without a valid license; 2) The 25-year-old Chicago gentleman on page #5 was collared Monday for prostitution; 3) The Florida woman, 20, on page #9 was busted yesterday on drunk driving and pot possession charges; and 4) The 29-year-old Dr. Seuss fan on page #11 was popped in Arizona on a DUI rap. (14 pages)