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Obsessed Abdul Fan's Autopsy

Coroner: Woman's residence was covered with photos of 'Idol' judge

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Obsessed Abdul Fan's Autopsy

JANUARY 29--The California woman who committed suicide last year while parked in front of Paula Abdul's Sherman Oaks home had the walls of her residence covered with pictures of the 'American Idol' judge, had Abdul's name tattooed inside her mouth, and was found dead amidst 'multiple pictures' of the performer, according to a Los Angeles coroner's report.

Paula Goodspeed, 30, died last November after overdosing on Prozac and two other drugs, including one prescribed to treat schizophrenia. Excerpts of the coroner's report, which was released yesterday, can be found here. Goodspeed, investigators noted, was 'infatuated' with Abdul and, in January 2008, had tried to OD in front of the celebrity's home.

A post-mortem examination of Goodspeed's body revealed a variety of piercings and body art, some of which were 'artificial' tattoos drawn with makeup or paint. Vladimir Levicky, a deputy medical examiner, noted that during the autopsy 'another tattoo is found over the inner aspect of the lower lip. It appears to read the name 'Paula Abdul.''

Goodspeed, pictured above during a failed 2005 'American Idol' audition, was found dead in a Toyota Camry with the license plate 'ABL LV.' (6 pages)