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Rock Stars Ask For Some Stupid Crap

Wedgie threats, fat roadies highlight hilarious Foo Fighters rider

Foo Fighters

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Rock Stars Ask For Some Stupid Crap

MAY 13--We're not sure who authored the Foo Fighters 2008 tour rider--frontman Dave Grohl, the production manager, a witty roadie--but whoever is responsible for the document deserves much praise.

The rider, an excerpt from which you'll find here, is filled with jokes about flatulence, fat roadies, leftovers from "last night's Dio show," and the provision of "big ass kielbasas that make men self conscious." While we've used red arrows to point out some of our favorite lines, a close read of the rider is suggested, since we've surely missed a few jokes.

While the document claims it is "not as funny as the Iggy Pop rider," that is, in TSG's opinion, pure modesty. The 2008 document is every bit as amusing as the Iggy rider (which you'll find here) and eclipses an earlier Foo Fighters rider, which can be found here. (9 pages)