A Story With Legs

Long arm of the law prevails in bizarre Oregon traffic stop

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A Story With Legs

Meet the Kackstetters.

The father-son duo were involved in a rather bizarre traffic incident last weekend in Oregon. Son Adam was behind the wheel when a state trooper saw his black SUV going the wrong direction on Highway 97. After stopping the 1993 Geo, the lawman found the 26-year-old driver stinking of booze and "verbally combative."

After sonny reluctantly got out of the car, Daddy Joel (pictured here at left) jumped to his son's defense. The elder Kackstetter, 53, told the cop he "had an AK-47" and a bullet with the cop's name on it before beginning to flee. But it wasn't a gun the elder Krackstetter fired at Oregon State Police trooper Don Newcomb, but two weapons it's unlikely the officer ever thought he'd have to face down (you'll have to read the report to find out what they are).

Both Kackstetters were eventually hauled down to the Klamath County Jail for booking, where feisty dad hurled another "pair" in Newcomb's direction. (2 pages)