Swept Off Streets Of Philadelphia

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Helpful Hints for Hookers

Tips for Crackheads

The Lowdown on Shooting Up

Healthy Hormone Habits

Recently, Philadelphia's mayor blew a gasket when he learned that city funds were used to help distribute "Tricks of the Trade," a graphic pamphlet offering health and safety tips to hookers in the City of Brotherly Love. Well, The Smoking Gun's proud to report that the Philly document was actually a reprint of a pamphlet originally produced--and still distributed--here in our hometown, New York City.

Along with the hooker how-to, the Positive Health Project has produced informational handouts for those on the pipe, shooting dope, or just injecting hormones. And, no, the Big Apple-based group doesn't use public funds for its controversial outreach effort. For if they did, you can bet that Rudolph Giuliani, our town's surly mayor, would try to throw somebody--anybody!--in jail for at least 20 years.

Here's a quartet of Project pamphlets straight from NYC's mean streets. Eat your heart out, Rudy:

Helpful Hints for Hookers (4 pages)

Tips for Crackheads (5 pages)

The Lowdown on Shooting Up (5 pages)

Healthy Hormone Habits (3 pages)