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That's Why It's Called "Jackass"

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Connecticut Jackass

That's Why It's Called "Jackass"

Looks like MTV's "don't try this at home" disclaimer is not registering on some "Jackass" fans.

First, a 13-year-old Connecticut boy immolated himself trying to copy one stunt by Johnny Knoxville, the show's star. Now, some Wisconsin teens have been caught imitating a televised bit involving the theft of food from a drive-thru window.

But as this Fond du Lac Police Department report shows, the stunt backfired when a Taco Bell worker's arm was forced into the drive-thru's window, snapping it between the wrist and elbow. The 16-year-old who swiped the grub has been charged with disorderly conduct.

The police investigation is continuing, though it appears a videotape of the incident was destroyed by the underage auteurs, whose names police redacted from this report. (4 pages)