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They Are Who They Are

Roundup begins with man who probably likes spinach

mug shot roundup

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They Are Who They Are

AUGUST 28--The arrestee who kicks off this week's mug shot roundup could easily be mistaken for the famous cartoon character Popeye--at least from the neck down. The 34-year-old Arizona man ended up in cuffs this week after cops decided they "can't stands no more" of him driving with a suspended license and failing to pay his fines.

As for the remaining perps, a couple of notes: 1) The 20-year-old Florida woman on page #2 has been arrested twice in the past few months, the first time in May on a domestic battery charge and again yesterday for assault. In that time she's gone through something of a makeover and it's not just the length of her hair that's changed. She's also become much more daring and experimental in her application of makeup; and 2) The 31-year-old Ohio man on page #5, arrested for assault and drug possession, didn't escape police but came pretty close to getting away from the mug shot camera. (15 pages)