Trey Anastasio: "I'm Addicted"

Former Phish frontman told cops of his 'problem' with painkillers

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Trey Anastasio: "I'm Addicted"

JANUARY 5--Ex-Phish frontman Trey Anastasio told police that he was addicted to pain pills and had smoked hashish and taken Percocet and Hydrocodone prior to his arrest last month in upstate New York.

Details of Anastasio's bust are contained in a supporting deposition from Andrew Mija, the Whitehall Police Department officer who nabbed the 42-year-old performer on December 15. As first reported by the Glens Falls Post-Star, the deposition, which was filed this week in court, notes that Anastasio told police that he had argued with his wife earlier in the day "because he was taking pills and that he had a problem."

A copy of Mija's deposition can be found here.

Anastasio, who is pictured in the mug shot at left, is facing drug possession, DWI-drugs, and driving without a license charges. (1 page)

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Not exactly a shocking revelation....I wonder why it's worth printing.