Virginia Is For Hovers

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Virginia Is For Hovers

So did you hear about the UFO enthusiasts who are suing Virginia's governor for failing to repel an ongoing "clandestine invasion" of the state? Well, we'll spare you most of the details of this ground breaking federal lawsuit, with the exception of this marvelous affidavit filed in support of the suit. Seems that Ms. Morgan might want to consider relocating from the very alien-heavy precinct of Woodbridge, Virginia. TSG has also thrown in a sheriff's report memorializing one of Morgan's supposed 1999 run-ins. Love that drawing! (3 pages)

Congratulations go out to the winners of our "Were You Always an Italian?" book raffle: Mike Alsman, Colleen Cahill, Randall Rule, Christina Serian, and Rick Warren.

Sean croaks...but Wiglesworth survives!