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What Was Paris Smoking?

Videos belie ex-con Hilton's drug use denials to Larry King

JUNE 28--We hate to call ex-con Paris Hilton a liar, but when she told Larry King last night that she had never taken drugs, it seems that the heiress somehow forgot about the marijuana, hashish, mushrooms, and Quaaludes.

Hilton's, um, familiarity with illegal substances was memorialized on home videos she shot over the past several years in various cities. As we've previously reported, her videos are available on a web site that charges about $20 for a one-month subscription.

In the seven clips you'll find below, Hilton does (and talks) drugs with sister Nicky, former boyfriend Jason Shaw, assorted swells, and a very accommodating guy named Jose.

1) Filming a video message to an absent boyfriend, Hilton (accompanied by her dog Prince) notes that she's home "smoking pot and eating burgers that are old."

2) After attending a socialite's birthday party, Hilton meets up with an acquaintance named Jose, who offers to hook her and Shaw up with "some good stuff." Hilton asks, "Like what?" Jose responds that his friend has everything. "Quaaludes?," she asks. After Jose answers, "Yeah," Hilton says, "70 milligrams." "I don't know, I mean. Don't start talking milligrams to me," replies Jose. "Ludes," she continues. "Yes, I know," responds Jose. "Quaaludes," Hilton repeats. "I know what it is. He has everything. Percocet, you name it. He's like a pharmacy," says Jose.

3) "That's where we bought our 'shrooms," Hilton announces as she films outside The Mushroom Gallery in Amsterdam. Later, in her hotel room, she videotapes the psychedelic score and asks Shaw, "Should we take some before we leave?" She then adds, "Imagine being on a plane on mushrooms."

4) Hilton is seen smoking hash like a pro in an Amsterdam coffee shop.

5) Discussing her drug stash with Shaw, Hilton says, "I hope I can get this shit back to America." She then talks about the possibility of grinding up the dope, apparently for easier transport. "Plotting," Shaw announces. "The smuggle," responds Hilton, who adds that she needs to consult "an expert like Chuck, that dude who sold us all that weed. 'Cause he was, like, 'Call me from Amsterdam, 'cause I have a hookup out there.'"

6) At a party, Nicky asks her camera-toting sister, "Do you have herb?" Paris enthusiastically responds, "Yeah, the best pot. You wanna smoke pot? I have the best pot. I have the best pot. Lemme get it." As she winds her way back through the crowd, Hilton tells friends, "Dude, we're smoking pot if you guys want to smoke." After she apparently retrieves her pot, Hilton announces to some girlfriends, "Let's smoke some fucking herb." As they look for an appropriate outdoor spot, Hilton asks three times, "Are we gonna get arrested?"

7) During a visit to an Amsterdam pot museum, Hilton bogarts a bong-like instrument, much to the amusement of Shaw, who says, "Save some for the rest of us." Hilton reassures him that, "There's so much in there."

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She didn't forget. She's just a liar. That's all.