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Paris X-Posed Again

Risque online pics of Hilton reappear despite court injunction

Paris Hilton topless

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Paris X-Posed Again

UPDATE: Videos of Hilton doing drugs and spewing racial epithets

JUNE 11--Defying a federal court injunction, a web site stocked with X-rated home videos and photos of Paris Hilton has recently reopened, apparently in a bid to cash in on the wave of publicity surrounding the hard-partying heiress's legal travails.

The web site,, was shuttered earlier this year after Hilton sued its operators for invasion of privacy and copyright violation. In late-February, U.S. District Court Judge George King signed a preliminary injunction (a copy of which you'll find here) barring the site from publishing a wide assortment of material about the 26-year-old Hilton, from her home and e-mail addresses, to medical and banking records. And, of course, "any picture depicting Plaintiff in a state of undress and in a private setting."

Of which there are many, as a weekend tour of the reopened site made quite clear.

Along with videos showing Hilton topless and bottomless, the site has clips of her partying and making a series of offensive statements. She refers to one woman as a "fat, ugly Jewish bitch" and uses the phrase "fat faggot" to describe another unseen target. Dancing with her sister Nicky at a New Year's Eve party in Aspen, Hilton mimics another person, announcing, "I'm a little black whore. I get fucked in the butt for coke." Then, remarking on her and Nicky's dancing, Hilton says, "We're like two niggers."

These videotaped musings (and a chance to review other records) cost $19.97 for a 30-day period. But if that's too rich for you, we've gathered a sampling of the Hilton trove, which was obtained by the web site's operators after she failed to pay an overdue L.A. storage facility bill.

On the following pages you'll find stills from a variety of videos as well as photos and documents. Images include Hilton getting stoned in Amsterdam; toilet stall snaps (one with Nicole Richie); topless script readings; tampon hijinks; candids of a once-fleshy Richie; bathtub frolics; underwear shots; unorthodox tanning bed procedures; a groping by "Girls Gone Wild" boss Joe Francis; public skirt hiking; and a rotund friend with a smile on his belly.

Among documents posted on are a court notice regarding an L.A traffic citation; an e-mail about the purchase of a $175,000 Bentley; a business letter from her father Rick; a U.S. Customs Service document regarding the apparent seizure of 148 tabs of the anti-anxiety drug Xanax; and a pharmacy notice.

While it appears that several items (like Hilton's passport) have been removed from the site, much of what remains is covered by Judge King's order. (21 pages)