Suspect's To-Do List Included Pepsi And Coke

Potato salad, "get high" also on impaired motorist's list

Shoppling List

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Drugs On Shoppling List

MAY 6--Pennsylvania cops responding to a fender bender discovered a unique shopping/to-do list inside a car driven by a young woman who was “very out of it” when questioned by an officer following the accident.

According to a Whitemarsh Township Police Department report, Carolyn Murray, 21, rear-ended a vehicle being drive by a 76-year-old man on April 28.

When approached by a cop, Murray (seen at right) was “very out of it, her speech was slurred and she had no idea where she was.” Murray, the report noted, could not locate her insurance and vehicle registration information.

While helping Murray to try and locate the paperwork, an officer discovered a yellow index card in the auto’s center console.

The index card contained a list with these seven entries:

  • Chicken Breast
  • German Potato salad
  • Pepsi
  • Xanex
  • Cocaine
  • get high
  • muscle relaxers

In light of Murray’s impaired condition--not to mention four of the entries on the list--she was transported to a local hospital, where she agreed to a blood draw, as first disclosed by Patch reporter Brittany Tressler.

The police report concluded that, “charges are pending lab results.” (2 pages)