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You Can Get With This, Or Surely That Mug Shot

Choice is yours in our latest collection of arrestees

Mug Shot Roundup

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5/3/13: Mug Shots

MAY 6--The guyliner enthusiast, 46, who kicks off this week’s mug shot roundup was busted by Tennessee cops for possession of an unlicensed weapon and reckless endangerment. As for his fellow perps, a few notes:

1) The beaming Arizonan, 29, on page #4 was nabbed Saturday for narcotics possession and promoting prison contraband; 2) The 34-year-old Louisiana man on page #5 was arrested Thursday for marijuana possession and providing false information to jail personnel. Here’s hoping that he was hanging out with someone wearing a “Or You Can Get With That” t-shirt; 3) The 83-year-old Idahoan on page #6 was collared for inattentive driving; 4) Charged with pot possession and contributing to the delinquency of a minor, the 63-year-old Arizona woman on page #10 appears to have lost her shirt prior to posing for jailers; 5) No, that is not Steve Buscemi’s crazy cousin on page #12. The Arizonan, 42, was popped on a marijuana charge; 6) No, that is not James Lipton’s crazy cousin on page #14. The North Carolina man, 62, was busted Wednesday for methamphetamine trafficking; and 7) The Florida woman, 23, on page #15 was nabbed for providing false information to a pawn shop. (16 pages)