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Burger King Ban For "BK Brawler" In Plea Deal

Woman gets jail, probation, anger management

BK Brawler

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BK Brawler Guilty

MAY 10--The woman who tore up a Florida Burger King during spring break today pleaded no contest to an assortment of criminal counts and was sentenced to 45 days in jail. A judge also banned Nekiva Hardy, the 30-year-old “BK Brawler,” from Burger Kings in Bay County, where her March 19 outburst was videotaped by a fellow patron.

During a Circuit Court appearance this morning, Judge James Fensom also placed Hardy on five years probation, ordered her to serve 100 hours of community service, and directed her to complete an anger management program, according to a court minute sheet. Hardy will also have to pay fines, court costs, and restitution totaling nearly $5000.

Hardy, pictured in the mug shot at right, has already been in custody for about 40 days, so she is likely to be freed in the next several days, which will allow her to return to Montgomery, Alabama, where she lives with her three young sons.

Video of the bikini-clad Hardy’s Burger King meltdown went viral in late-March and apparently prompted investigators to hit her with a number of additional counts (she was originally charged with a single misdemeanor).

Hardy was arrested by task force officers from the United States Marshals Service and the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office days after a TSG reporter asked if she planned to voluntarily surrender on the new charges. “Fuck them, they’ll have to come and get me,” she replied. She added, “It’s gonna be hard to find me.”

Since Fensom’s judicial jurisdiction is limited, Hardy will still be able to enjoy the fare at any of Montgomery’s six Burger Kings, the nearest of which is about three miles from her home. (1 page)

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the real problem is that she is just not good people-her skin color is immaterial. the fact that she spent so much time thumbing her nose at the cops, lying to police, damaging Burger King and assaulting its employees-including giving A FRIEND'S name as her own-just shows she is a criminal waiting to happen. The bad attitude is just the tip of the icecube on this drink on the rocks.
31 years old and only 4 babies?? what's wrong with this fugly be-auch?
First- let's begin to observe the mug shot- A) Has this shemale ever had an IQ test- what's was her score- B) Is she employed? What type of Job does she have? Does she support herself or her family? C) Is she mentally stable or a product from some crack head? D) The Bikini is gross- she should have been arrested by the Fashion Police. E) On a real note- maybe this will wake her up and turn her life around. She looked very foolish and those poor kids who had to suffer through her tantrum. I hope BK rewarded them with at least a 50 cent raise.
find the white guy.
I wonder who she voted for.
RELEASE THE BK BRAWLER!!! She is crucial to preventing society from collapsing on its own, and Newt Gingrich can't continue his presidential campaign without his running mate.
This is what happens when Burger King serves too many 'Angry Whoppers'.
As has been pointed out before in regards to this felon, ALL SHE HAD TO DO WAS MAKE A DECISION TO LEAVE THE RESTAURANT! But NO! She CHOSE to make a scene, bring attention to herself, surrounded by like minded individuals (noone tried to stop her), got videotaped & broadcast (who doesn't await the chance for that?), & probably feels the victim. I'm still surprised Rev Al didn't show up for the trial. As for her 3 boys, I hope they are able to realize that momma's NOT leading a good example. Who's fault is it? HERS, ALL HERS!
I think the judge missed quite an opportunity to really teach this woman a lesson. As part of her 45 day sentence, she should have been required to clean the restrooms of all the BK's in the area at least twice a day.
Plea deal??? Now she has bragging rights....she did it and got away w/ it...ou go BK..and I hope the next time this PO.S does this it will again be in your place
The Smoking Gun must be a favorite with racists. It's probably a conservative Nazi site.
I don't think they intend to be, but they sure do attract a lot of racists. I guess it makes these people feel better about themselves.
Funny, I took one look at this womans mugshot and thought TSG was a Star Trek website! What's the story with that hairstyle, is she a Klingon?
Her hair is like that because they don't be allowin' weaves in prison. You knows she be wantin' straight hair. Shoot girl I gots to get my hair relaxed.
Yeah, seriously. The only site with more racist, right-wing and illiterate "family values" commenters is the New York Post. Pretty vomit-inducing the things these people spew on here.
But she was such a good child and I am sure came from a good Christian family.
Yeah, how about that? She probably did come from a Christian family. She's an American, too.
Why such a light sentence? This will only encourage others to rampage in restaurants. People should be able to feel safe when they're in line to buy a burger.
Who runs the justice system? And I don't mean Obama. I mean liberals.
What a skank they should have given that ooogly heshe 5 years hard labor for what it did.
I'll bet dollars to Whoppers that her anger management classes will really piss her off.
All three of the fathers must have been blind. Yikes!
Yep, that's a 2 bagger if there ever was one -- one over her head and one over yours just in case hers falls off
Blame Homer Simpson when he was in the Navy and got drunk when passing through Montgomry, Alabama-one stromy night Homer was feelin' kinda lonely, went into a neighborhood bar and met her mother...Homer is her real father. Marge never suspected a thing.
Someone is having sex with..........that?????? I'd rather set my ass on fire!! Oh another thing.... wanna guess how far it got in its education? Another welfare case- bet my whole next paycheck.
That in a bikini? .... a bikini?
"BEER GOGGLES" are a requirement here
that's a chick? Seriously? It has kids? was the dad blind?
ah, the power of booze
and crack
this is some great Jerry Springer material. I wents crazy up in a BK, cause nobody be makin' fun of me. I will bust yo azz, sucka. I gots to go get my hair did, relax my hair and be makin' it straight.
You can hope that fast food chains would stop feeding people corn syrup and chemical fillers to people. but, the people don't even know they are eating chicken that is not 100% chicken or beef that is not 100% beef.
" stop feeding people corn syrup and chemical fillers to people." What is people corn syrup? Not on menu at my BK.
Wonder what her sons will grow up to be? Community organizers?
LMAO, awesome.
This chick could do 45 days standing on her head. As far as the rest of it is concerned, she will blow that off to.
from the article... "she is likely to be freed in the next several days, which will allow her to return to Montgomery, Alabama, where she lives with her three young sons." Another form of state sponsored child abuse...
One down and about a gazillion more nasty beeches to go. Hey, it's a start. Way to go Judge. Excuse me, Hey, can I get some more ketchup?
was hopeing we would never hear of or see that ugly face again.She's a real winner alright. Sad that she is such an ignorent person and cant seem to fit into society without being a trouble maker. Think she was given some justice she may not forget for awhile.
Burger King shouldn't feel bad - anybody that foul mouthed and evil has got to be angry with just about everybody - n she's got how many kids - get ready world for more just like her - in a world that promotes, "have it your way," "you deserve a break today," people magazine, us magazine, self magazine, me magazine, this is the fruit of such self centered disregard of right and wrong. The streets need to swept with a revival of old fashioned values.
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You're talking about gunning people down with machine guns - in order to stop "insane people with screwed up values." Wow Hitler - those are some real sane and constructive ideas. How about mustard gas? Maybe we could forcibly sterilize people too, or kill all the children?
No I think wellfare, hair weaves and crack should just about do it.