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BK Brawler Busted For Fast Food Outburst

Bikini-clad perp in Burger King melee caught on tape

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BK Bikini Brawler

3/28 UPDATE: BK Brawler gave cops a fake name after Burger King bust.

MARCH 24--Meet Kimesa Smith.

The bikini-clad Alabama woman was arrested Saturday night on a misdemeanor battery charge after she had a violent meltdown over a Whopper Jr. and fries at an oceanfront Burger King in Panama City Beach, Florida.

As seen below, Smith’s antics were videotaped by a fellow diner who uploaded his video to the Internet (and, while filming the melee, exclaimed “This is the best spring break ever.”)

Smith, 31, argued with Burger King employees before jumping atop the front counter, where she swung at workers and threw a large plastic jug at them (the jug apparently was used to collect charitable donations).

Smith, a Montgomery, Alabama resident, also allegedly pulled the hair of a fast food worker and threw other items at employees. She was joined in these pursuits by several acquaintances, none of whom were charged.

According to a Panama City Beach Police Department report, Smith tried to pull away after being handcuffed. “Take your damn hands off me, you can’t touch me,” said Smith. While in custody, she “continued screaming and yelling” at a cop and a Burger King employee who identified her for officers.

In an interview, Smith said that the confrontation began after she complained to workers about the tardy delivery of the Whopper Jr. and french fries she had ordered. She recalled exclaiming loudly, “Damn, these folks are slow.”

After waiting 20 minutes for the items, Smith said she flung the bag of food at workers with whom she had quarreled. Smith also copped to, among other things, throwing another customer’s drink at workers, pulling the manager’s hair, and throwing the coin jug.

“We tore the Burger King up,” she remarked. “I don’t play no games.”

Describing herself as a “first-time spring breaker,” Smith, a mother of four, said she had traveled Friday to Florida with friends and three of her children, the youngest of which is two and has cerebral palsy. In anticipation of a night of drinking, Smith, pictured in the above mug shot, said she went to the Burger King to “get something in my stomach.” 

After arriving at a police substation, Smith asked cops “where her children were at.” She then told officers “she had her 2 children with her” at the beach. But when an officer sought details about the children, Smith was uncooperative and “very vague.” Cops did not have enough information to report the children as missing.

A restaurant manager told TSG that the eatery suffered minor damage during the incident, but that no worker was injured. Smith, free on $500 bond, has a court appearance next Wednesday.

Arguing that Burger King employees bear some responsibility for the altercation, Smith said, “When I walked in they had no smiles on their faces. We weren’t treated fairly." Having herself previously worked at McDonald’s and Church’s Chicken, Smith added, “I know how to greet my customers.”

“If I knew what was gonna happen,” Smith said, “I would’ve gone to Taco Bell.” (2 pages)

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My comment was flagged awe....the truth does still hurt you damn left wing liberals
Last year we had Epic Beard Man
Just how proud can her family be! This is the future of Progressive America!
Yep this is Obama's fault too. But then again what isn't? The bigots on this site are turning me into a big time Obama supporter.
You know you were an Obama supporter all along. Somebody posts a biggoted comment would not convince you to support Obama if you didn't already support him. Obama is wrecking the country and every NON-supporter knows that!
I am an Obama supporter. He is doing what he was elected to do.
So true. He is doing what he was elected to do. So very sad. The Prince of Platitudes and our over liberal media convinced the sheep of this once great country that we will all be happy when daddy takes care of us. Grow up and take care of yourself and tell the politicians to leave us alone. That goes for the Bozo in the White House all the way down to the lying city councelperson that makes a carrer out of politics.
You elected Obama to destroy America?
You're an idiot! I should take my Honorable Discharge and MBA and wack you with it!
Manager should have called Animal Control instead of 911. It would have been neat to see a tranquilizer dart in her butt.
Seems censorship is alive and well. My comment was pulled after only a couple minutes when I said nothing but the truth. Can't speak the truth anymore, the thought police want our heads in the sand. Sad.
Same thing happened to me, censored, that is. I thought the smokeless gunnies were more "tolerant" than they've displayed. This is their perogative, but hey, this is the NEW AMERICA! Hardly American, I'd say...
What does anybody expect, I mean please....................
1. Why did she only get a misdemenor charge? 2. Why was she on spring break? Isn't that for students? 3. Where are her 4 babies daddies? 4. Why was she ordering food just for her and not her kids? 5.. Why didn't she give the officer's enough information to get her children? Oh well, she'll make more.
OMG... she has children.... this insanity is procreating. I'm sure our tax $$ are going to support this type of behavior/person. Did she use her Welfare Debit Card to pay for the food ?
1. So you really think her idiotic behavior, as stupid as it was, deserved lethal action? Please somebody take the gun away from this idiot. 2. US voters are citizens fulfilling their patriotic right and duty to elect their president. I think it's highly unpatriotic of you to call more than half of the voting population of the United States trash. Why do you hate your country?
It would have been nice if that ceiling fan had whacked her in the head. Now that would have cooled her off! Yes, she does belong in a cage, either Sheriff's of Zoo's, just get her off the streets.
wouldn't have happened if the King was at work. Poor employees have to clean that crap up, that sucks
Im from Panama city beach and ran a restraunt there, no shock to me. Happens all the time. people just trying to show off or drunk always act stupid. I had the same thing happen except it hurt someone.
It might be the emergance of camera phones over the last few years and this has happenned a long time, but something tells me it's having a black President who is uber liberal, that is setting black people in America off. Just a hunch, but for all of us whites who did or did not vote for Obama, (I did not because he's a liberal), we were at least hoping he would be an uplifting role model for black Americans and I don't see that happening.
"but something tells me it's having a black President who is uber liberal, that is setting black people in America off. Just a hunch," Your hunch has multiple names, chief among them; ignorant, racist. "we were at least hoping he would be an uplifting role model for black Americans and I don't see that happening." Let me see if I understand this idiotic logic, just because we have a "black president" (half black half white btw), that means that people of a certain race all have to act lawfully? Do you also say this when we see video of white people doing stupid things too? I don't expect to change your attitudes about race, but just pause for a minute and really analyze what you are saying and check if it makes sense to you. If it does, there's not much we can do for your intellectual development, it may already be too late.
You are correct. I find that a lot of black Americans have become rude in public even in business situations. They are over reacting and lashing out, but why? Are they mad because Obama hasn't sent them a check yet?
WHOA! How very ignorant and racist of you. Humans behave badly no matter what their ethnicity.
Yes nitwit, just some substantially more disproportionate than others. Get ya head out ya azz.
You can stick your head in the sand for a little while longer I guess. As for the rest of us it is clear what is happening in the black "community". It is out of control. Sure all races "behave badly" but certain races are so consistently doing so it is a shock when it is not a member of a certain race. Crime statistics aren't racist and aren't subject to ignorance. They tell the story. What blacks are telling us by their actions is that the true racists of old, as abhorrent as they were, may have been onto something. They may not have had the right solution but it is clear there is a problem among a disproportionate number of black people. The black community needs help and not in the form of more handouts. The longer people like you ignore it the more time will pass before black people get the kind of help they so desperately need.
No, not racist, only the truth and it hurts doesn't it.
No, that's a racist statement. First, she probably didn't vote since she is 31 with 4 kids heading to Spring Break. Second, I'm sure she didn't vote in the last, or any other election. Third, this is one person in Burger King, not the entire restaurant. Fourth, it doesn't hurt, just reminds me how ignorant/uneducated the vast majority of the population I shake my head with my Honorable Discharge in one hand and my MBA in the other. You probably never served and your lack of education shows!
This is what 45 years of the welfare state, a entitlement society, the downplaying of education as important, a subculture that encourages violence and aggression as a way of getting what you want, and the adulation of victimhood results in. They used to consider you insane if you behaved like the people in these videos. Now you're just "keeping it real", apparently.
According to the report: “Smith, 31, argued with Burger King employees before jumping atop the front counter, where she swung at workers and threw a large plastic jug at them (the jug apparently was used to collect charitable donations).” Taking into consideration Smith will go to court the judge should award Smith with 100 hours of community work for the charitable organizations collected in the large plastic jug.
C'mon...she was just tryin to "have it her way".
bravo, sir, bravo
That "person or It" ( I won't call her human) did'nt have to jump on the counter to scare anyone. All she had to do is look at them with that ugly face and everyone would split. Been reading way to many incidents of violence and intimidation from her type. They act out their rage against other peoples who are more what "civilized" or should I say better behaved. She"s ..very.. lucky I was'nt working behind that counter.
Well Alabama is now #1 in Football and BK wipeouts.