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Boy, 12, Busted For Middle School Pencil Prank

Instrument impaled two inches into victim’s buttocks


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Middle School Pencil Assault

MARCH 23--An Ohio middle school student has been charged with assault for a nasty classroom prank that left a fellow student with a sharpened pencil impaled in his buttocks, police say.

The incident Friday morning at the Sailorway Middle School involved two 12-year-old boys attending a choir class, according to a Vermilion Police report.

Cops reported that the victim recalled that “someone put a pencil on his chair before he sat down,” adding that “the pencil impaled into his left buttocks.” The pencil, which pierced the boy’s jeans, went about two inches into his body.

The officer who first responded to the school noted that he saw the victim “laying in a bed in the nurses office. There I observed that there was a pencil sticking out of his left buttocks.” The child’s father later told investigators that his son underwent a surgical procedure to have the pencil removed.

The boy who brandished the pencil admitted to cops that he pulled the prank, though “he stated that he didn’t mean to hurt anyone. He stated that he didn’t think that the pencil would go through the clothing.”

The child, who has been suspended from school for five days, has been charged with misdemeanor assault. Vermilion Police Chief Chris Hartung told TSG that the young suspect was arrested Friday and subsequently released into his parents’s custody.

The middle school’s daily bulletin, which has not mentioned the pencil incident, concludes each day with the promise that, “We will respect others, trust our friends, and treat others the way we want them to treat us.” (2 pages)

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Are you *** kidding me?
I was going to say the same exact thing!!!!!!!!
One time when I was a kid, I was laying on the ground watching tv on my stomach and drawing at the same time (about 7 yrs old) and my own little brother jumped on my back playing, which pushed my head into the pencil eraser side that went right into my freaking eye! We went to the hospital with mom and dad, was looked at, couldn't see out of it. They put a patch on in (1972) made my wear this thing night and day after giving me some cream and wore the patch for a couple weeks, kids thought it was cool, pirate lookin, and at the end of the time I could see out of it again luckily. You never know what's gonna happen with kids, I'm sure he didn't mean to hurt the kid, but that's a nasty thing to do, they probably saw it on a movie I'd betcha.
I agree that movies do play a part in life imitating art. Hollywood seems not to care that children emulate the silly pranks they see on the big screen and that the consequences can turn out worse than they imagined. I'm glad you didn't lose your eye, Chicago Nick or you'd be missing out on seeing those pranks in 3D.
Remember the movie "The Program" There was a scene in the original cut of the football players laying on the median betweeen to lanes of traffic, with cars wizzing by on both sides. A couple of kids saw this at the theatre, and when THEY tried, some of them were hit by cars. If you try and tell the movie makers that they "cannot" or "shouldn't" put a scene in a film, they scream "censorship". You are 100% correct, these things have consequences. A lot of kids today cannot separate fact from fiction, after being raised on television and video games for so many years. It is a sad state of affairs.
This child is destined for a much dangerous prank, I do hope that his parents take an active role to correct his hazardous behavior patterns before he get older..
Two inches? That's like a whole golf pencil. Oh well, choir boys like it in the behind.
Weird coincidence, RedontheHead! Mine was in the arm, too. It went about halfway through my bicep. I started to pull it out, but the blood really started flowing, so I just pushed it the rest of the way through and left it. Every couple days I'd just turn it to keep the skin from healing to the pencil and it totally healed up that way. I've still got it in there! I can only wear short-sleaved shirts, but other than that, no big deal.
Psh. I got stabbed with a pencil in the stomach at school when I was 12. The doctor probed for lead, gave me a tetanus shot, and sent me on my way. Big deal.
You must have had an ignorant Dr. and parents. It's not lead, it's graphite.
Amra (aka SFB) these pencils are called lead pencils but you probably didn't learn that in your government school. Educate yourself on this subject by going to this link and reading the description of a 'lead' pencil...
You got a tetanus shot? Nobody probed for me for lead. I pulled the broken stub out of my arm with my teeth and all I got was some peroxide and a bandaid.
Good thing you two survived it, but all you would have gotten was a possible infection because pencils aren't made with lead (can't believe I'm the first one to point that out).They're made with graphite (and clay). That said, if the pencil that pierced the choirboy had somehow gotten into the mess of a broken CFL bulb....YOWSER! Can you imagine the panic then?
You weren't the first one to point that out... give credit where credit is due :)
Well, Danielle Darci......since you felt that you really needed to point that out, I actually was the first one to say it. Not that it really matters of course, but check the time of the posts. Are you sure your name isn't really Judy? "Miss Landers, Miss Landers!"
LOL, I guess you saw that as well. I guess there are only two people who know it's not lead. Pretty stupid misconception I think.
So from the officer's report: was it 6mm or 2 inches? 6mm ain't ANYTHING NEAR 2 inches.
What you have is an American who cannot tell the difference between cm (centimeters) and mm (millimeters). 6cm *does* roughly equal two inches.
Or, 6mm is about .25 inches. Note the decimal. I think it's more likely 6mm/.25in v. 6cm/2in.
12 is old enough to know better. Choir class in a middle school? Was it a religious school?
Ever watched "Glee"? They're a choir at a public school.
No, I don't watch that sickening show. A choir is usually singers in a church, but Glee is far from that!
Say that again. Homowood Indoctrination Special that program is.