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Snatched: Cops Find Knives, Pills On Perp's Body

Woman's weapons, drugs hidden in fat rolls, privates

Fat Rolls

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Hidden Knives & Drugs

MAY 3--Meet Gloria Esther Perez.

The Florida woman was busted late last month on narcotics charges after cops broke up an altercation between Perez, 28, and another woman in the middle of a Fort Myers street.

Gloria Esther PerezAfter a Lee County Sheriff’s Office deputy noticed that Perez, who appeared nervous, “kept on putting her hands into her pockets and near her private area like she was trying to conceal something,” a female deputy was called to the scene to conduct a pat down.

The subsequent search revealed that Perez was in possession of hundreds of pills for which she did not have prescriptions. At this point, according to a probable cause statement, Perez became ill and was transported to a local hospital “for further examination.”

During that April 24 evaluation, medical staffers--likely to their surprise--discovered that Perez had hidden a knife in her vagina. But that wasn’t the only concealed weapon turned up at Gulf Coast Hospital.

The 5’ 4”, 180-pound Perez had a second knife “in a roll of fat in her stomach,” investigators reported. Additionally, a “bottle of pills was located in her body fat.”

Perez, pictured in the above mug shot, was booked into the county lockup on two weapons possession charges and a dozen narcotics counts. She remains jailed in lieu of $25,000 bond. (1 page)

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All I can say is how? The pills in the fat. That's explainable. How in the hell does one stick a utensil in their vagina??
Ew, that's disgusting!! Fat people are the grossest thing ever... and this story just further proves it!
I cannot find the words to adequately express how offensive your comment is. Wait - how about "OMG, that's ignorant! People named Tina are the stupidest thing ever... and that comment just further proves it!" Yeah, I think that about does it.
A well-fed illegal fattened on the taxpayer's dime hiding dope in her fat rolls. We're doomed.
She's one sharp dame!
I would have hated to be the one who had to search her, yuk... She looks like a skank.
Found under the left buttocks was the corpse and stolen cash of DB Cooper. Under the right one the remains of Jimmy Hoffa
I wonder where she kept the fork and spoon
A 5'4" woman at 180 pounds isn't enormously overweight, at least not enough to have rolls of fat large enough to hide an arsenal in. Something is being exaggerated here.
actually its not exaggerated...for some who is 5'4" the ideal weight is 110-145...for someone who is 5'4" and 180 that is a lot of weight....
As a retired correctional officer, I'm not surprised at all.....I have seen my share of bizarre......I'm just wondering if the knife was a switchblade.....
"Florida?" "Florida."
Most people carry mace.
She's one of those fatties with a deceptively slim face.
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I wish I could go back in time and unread that. Who has a knife in her vagina as part of their normal day?
What better place to keep a knife if you don't have pockets or carry a purse? Either there or in the butt, and the butt is harder to reach when you're in a hurry.