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Thrown Cocaine Landed On Hood Of Police Car

Cops: Drug was tossed from sunroof of vehicle

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Flying Cocaine

JANUARY 15--In a botched bid to ditch evidence, a Florida man allegedly threw a bag of cocaine out the sunroof of a vehicle in which he was a passenger, but the drug landed squarely on the hood of a trailing police car, according to investigators.

As detailed in a Kissimmee Police Department report, cop Christopher Breuer sought to pull over a gold Acura around 2 AM yesterday after the vehicle nearly slammed into his cruiser. Though Breuer activated his car’s overhead lights, the other vehicle, which carried two men, continued moving.

While shining a spotlight on the Acura, Breuer noted, “I saw the sun roof of the vehicle open.” Breuer slowed his car down since, “I knew the passenger was going to throw something out of the vehicle.”

Breuer then watched as the vehicle’s passenger stuck his right hand out of the sunroof. “At this time, I observed a clear bag come out of the sun roof and fly into the air. This same bag landed on the hood of my vehicle as I slowed down,” the cop reported.

After the Acura eventually pulled into the parking lot of a 7-Eleven store, Breuer quizzed the car’s occupants about the airborne cocaine. While Luis Vazquez, 30, denied tossing the stash, driver Jose Vales, 38, did not hesitate to finger his passenger as the coke hurler.

“Vales spontaneously uttered to me that it was Vazquez that threw the ‘baggie’ out of the window,” Breuer reported.

Both men were subsequently arrested on a variety of drug counts. Vazquez was also charged with evidence tampering for flinging the cocaine. Vazquez (left) and Vales are pictured in the above mug shots. (3 pages)