Security Feed Revealed Man's Suicide Prep

Husband called 911 to report despondent spouse

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Sarasota Suicide

MAY 30--A man remotely watching a security camera feed from his Florida residence saw his husband preparing to hang himself with a dog leash fashioned into a noose, according to police who raced to the couple’s residence and placed the distraught man into protective custody.

Cops on Friday received a 911 call from a 41-year-old man reporting that he was “watching live surveillance footage of the inside of the residence from work and observed his husband about to hang himself.”

The caller told police that his 32-year-old spouse was “standing on a chair by the stairwell in their home and had fashioned a noose from a dog leash.” The leash was “tied to the guardrail of the stairs and placed around the subject’s neck.”

As squad cars raced “in emergency mode” to the Sarasota residence, the 911 caller reported that his husband had removed the noose and stepped down off the chair.

When police arrived at the home, the man was located in the backyard with his dogs. Asked about what his spouse had seen on the surveillance footage, the man “admitted that he was about to hang himself,” adding that he “has nothing to live for.”

A cop noted observing “the chair and leash tied to the stairwell,” as the man’s husband had described in his 911 call.

Police placed the despondent man into protective custody and transported him to a mental health facility. (1 page)