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Feds: Fraudster Bought Sex Toys In Mail Scheme

"Masturbation furniture" on shopping list for perp


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Fleshlight Purchases

APRIL 9--While it is bad enough to be arrested on dozens of criminal counts for allegedly swiping the credit card numbers of several victims, federal agents have made sure to disclose that an alleged thief used the stolen digits to purchase two pieces of “masturbation furniture.”

Yasir Mehmood, a 40-year-old California resident, was named Friday in a 29-count criminal complaint charging him with mail fraud, identity theft, bank fraud, and making false statements, according to a U.S. District Court filing.

Postal inspectors allege that Mehmood illegally forwarded the mail of victims to either his Sacramento home or a post office box he controlled. He then used “identification, credit card, and financial information” found in the redirected mail to make a variety of fraudulent transactions, “all to obtain cash, goods, and services.”

As detailed by Postal Inspector Roxanne LeMaire, two of Mehmood’s illegal purchases came on February 19, when he used the Wells Fargo checking account of victim “Scott B” to purchase $341.84 worth of products from Interactive Life Forms, which produces the “Fleshlight” series of sex toys (also known as “masturbation sleeves”).

While Mehmood did not buy a Fleshlight, he did allegedly purchase two mounts into which the device is plugged. The $127.46 “On a Mission” mount (seen above) is ideal “for both hands-free pleasure and stamina training techniques,” according to the Fleshlight web site (which adds that the “wipe-able mount also includes the patented microfiber base for non skid use with the Hit the Floor Motion Pad”).

Mehmood’s second ILF purchase was for a $152.96 “Two-Play.” The item reportedly “delivers all the right angles for all the right positions,” and is a “perfect way to mount up by yourself or with a partner.” The ILF web site notes that, “If you've been wanting to try a Fleshlight Mount, but have been worried about how to justify buying ‘masturbation furniture,’ to your partner, then the Two-Play is answer.”

The “Two-Play,” ILF reports, is made of “Black Pleather with the Fleshlight signature green color piping.” And while using the Fleshlight with your hand is “an amazingly realistic experience…nothing simulates sex better than thrusting your entire body into a mounted Fleshlight.”

By comparison, Inspector LeMaire’s description of the two mounts was more restrained. The “On a Mission” product, the investigator wrote, was “sex paraphernalia – simulated female mid-section including an area in which a faux vagina (‘Fleshlight’) can be placed.”

When agents raided Mehmood’s home last Tuesday, they recovered both of the ILM products. The criminal complaint does not reveal whether the mounts had been used during the month they were in Mehmood’s grasp. (3 pages)