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Cops: Maple Syrup Not Cause Of Denny's Brawl

Road rage triggered latest videotaped fracas at eatery

Denny's Fight

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Denny's Brawl

FEBRUARY 23--Despite reports that a wild melee early Sunday at a Denny’s in Massachusetts was triggered by a dispute over maple syrup, a police report indicates that the combatants had earlier been involved in road rage incidents while en route to the eatery from a Chicopee sports bar.

Video of the brawl, which has gone viral, can be seen below.

According to a Chicopee Police Department report, the male and female brawlers (whose names were redacted from the document) had departed the Maximum Capacity bar when their respective cars were involved in several vehicular confrontations.

The fighters, as it turned out, were all headed to the chain restaurant. “Both vehicles arrived at Denny’s at the same time and words were exchanged in the parking lot,” cops noted.

Inside, it wasn’t long before punches began flying. A Denny’s manager told investigators “that he observed an argument outside between the aforementioned parties.”

While investigators have identified each pugilist seen in the YouTube video, a Chicopee Police spokesperson said that for someone to be charged with simple assault and battery the attack must occur in the presence of a police officer.

But the brawlers--who yesterday were each provided a copy of the police report--have the ability to go to court and seek a criminal complaint against their assailant. (1 page)

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The big guy was gassed and did no damage to the other guy. Saw something like this in a Shoney's back in the day, when a republican was president.
I am glad we have a "STAND YOUR GROUND LAW" here in Florida. I assure that those two folks would not have walked out of that restaurant without the assistance of EMS personal.
This story made headlines because it's out of the ordinary. Get it? It's NOT a common thing. In all my 50 + years, I've never seen a fight in a Denny's nor any other eating establishment. And I'm in the south. But then again, I don't hang out in bars or in bad neighborhoods like some certain people do. Is that Denny's in a bad area? If you don't want to hear about what your government is up to, then all you Obama lovers (your Jesus), just keep your heads in the sand (or network TV and the leftist blogs, rather) and leave it to us who aren't afraid to face facts.
You people are all nuts. You go from "I've never seen anything like THIS before" to "because you all worship Obama". The what now? I have no idea how you travelled from A to B, or what you think the President has to do with a bunch of skanks having a fight in a restaurant. This whole "life" thing: it's not ALL about politics, sometimes it's just about idiocy.
You have an amazing Frist-like ability to reach conclusions through viewing a video. Given your lack of real-world experience I'm surprised you realized this behavior is out of the ordinary. Bless your heart.
You seem to have an amazing child-like ability to make up stories from your mother's basement and pretend to be a grownup.
To yagottabekidding: I would say you have an amazing Democratic ability to change the subject by personally attacking me, but you don't because it's obvious what your'e trying to do. It's what leftists do all the time to try to discredit the opposition. Why are you so touchy about my posts, anyway? And you don't know any of my real-world experiences just from what I previously posted, so stop with the insults.
This is nothing new- I'm in my mid-50s and I've seen this kind of stuff plenty of times. Granted, in my past it was usually rednecks (in 'concealed carry' states) but, nothing new here. The main culprit isn't the breakdown of society or the current administration, but- alcohol. Boy there's a shocker, huh? The only reason we see more of this now is the ubiquity of cellphones with cameras. I'm with Jasper Jasperson on this- was there enough maple syrup? That's the important question.
what the hell does alcohol have to do with it?just becouse some unresponsible rednecks get drunk & then start a fight we should bring back proahabition?and why didn't the staff call the cops instead of trying to take their orders and clean up the mess?
I'm in my mid fifties too. You must have spent a life in grinding poverty or have a fondness for eating is greasy spoons in the worst part of town.
Now that's what I call a "Grand Slam" Breakfast!!
I think I'll try again.....As I had posted before it was mysteriously removed.... I said, we're no doubt in for more of this kind of fighting because the Obama administration wants to put this nation into a state of chaos by pitting minorities against whites and the haves and have-nots against each other. The leftists seek to weaken our country so they can 'save' us with their socialism which will likely lead to communisn. That's bad enough, but even more dangerous is that the extremist Muslims (which I think most Muslims are because they have to be if they respect their Koran) see that move as the way for them to sweep down on us and put us under the Sharia law that their Koran demands. So, is the politically incorrect Muslim part of this what got my first post removed or was it because Obama's leftist plot has been revealed? Let's see how long this post stays up because if it disappears too, we'll know just who is doing the censoring.
Now that's funny! Keep up the good work. Nothing like a chuckle to make my day a little lighter!
The only important thing is- will we still have maple syrup under Sharia law? Also, I'm curious- was Obama's leftist plot revealed to you in this video? Do you see Jeebus in your toast? Inquiring minds want to know!
Jeebus? Isn't that the person most democrats and the POTUS worship?
NOTHING good ever happens at 2AM.
White people are attaked everyday in this invaded nation. Our children are beaten and raped by the invaders. The time will come when we will make our stand, and it will be back to the trees with ALL the invaders. HASTEN THAT DAY LORD ! :) The more we feed, the more they breed.
... you do realize that you can't really say that this nation is invaded since white people invaded it first, or did you forget that Native Americans actually lived here before Europeans came and brought disease with them and systematically assimilated them into their culture or wiped them out? Oh and didn't they also bring over slaves from Africa? Oh yes, that's right, they brougth themselves over here. Nice try at making a religious statement, but your statement fails.
I wish that fat pig would have tried to punch on me.. I would knock his taco butt right back over the border. And as far as his fat pig wife goes, I would have kicked the taco right out of her butt. :)
To all dumb ass racists on this site: There are differences between to, too, and two. Learn them.
Learn them. (LOL) Duh dumb
How come the restaurant manager or employees didn't intervene and throw those losers out? Suppose a customer got hurt during the fight? Then Denny's would be facing a lawsuit. It tells me that next time I go to a Denny's, the manager (or managers) won't lift a finger to protect me and that they are too lazy to call 911. As for you people who have been making negative comments about blacks, you are DISGUSTING and I can't understand why the smoking gun editors aren't doing his or her job! Get on the ball editors!
There is something deliciously ironic about watching Massachusetts Liberals getiing medieval all over each other. "Civil discourse" and "tolerance" and all that "why can't we just get along?" attitude. In a 'concealed carry' state, we would just look at each other, nod, smile, and go our own ways, perhaps wondering what kind of iron the other guy was packing.
Whoa! My previous post about this type of fighting becoming more and more common and caused by the Obama administration must have really hit a nerve with someone because it's been removed. And my post wasn't even racist like some others that are still on here. What's the deal?
The "deal" might be that your comment was wildly speculative, completely off-topic and contained excessive amounts of troll-baiting. Just FYI.
This is the typical Saturday night at the Palin House.
The funniest thing about this headline is the assumption that there is actual maple syrup at Denny's. Artificially flavored pancake syrup, perhaps, but not actual maple syrup.
If only those Chicopee combatants had driven an hour north on I-91 they would have arrived in Brattleboro Vermont. They would be an hour more sober and calmer and in Vermont they would have been served genuine Vermont Maple Syrup, even at Dennys. About 3 weeks ago Dennys got busted for serving crap syrup labeled as Vermont Pure Maple Syrup. That's pretty much a hanging offense up here. Dennys has agreed to supply only the genuine stuff within Vermont's borders. (Not that I am endorsing them as opposed to a non-chain local eating establishment but a lot of folks opt for the devil they know instead of seeking out a unique and usually far superior meal).
It's too late America. It was a nice ride, but it's time for this circus that you've created to fold up it's tent and move on down the road. The amazing thing is that most of you people act like this type of person is uncommon in America and that this sort of thing is an isolated incident. These sorts of savages are all over the place and this kind of stuff happens all the time. That's why I think that anyone that doesn't carry a concealed weapon is nuts.
Now THAT would've been a video worth watching- a couple of people with guns, under the influence of alcohol, squaring off over syrup!
I agree with you 100%! That is why I'm a member of the NRA. Liberals can't understand why people should own guns, since they rely on everyone else to help them when the chips are down. I rely on myself and if someone wants to lend a hand, well that's greatly appreciated! If honest, law abiding citizens all carried weapons, none of this stuff would probably happen as much.
Although I completely agree with your comment about law-abiding honest citizens carrying weapons, but please don't assume all liberals are opposed to weapons. Both me and my husband (and most of our extended family and friends) are liberals to an extent and we fully support the right to bear arms and protect life and property. Hell, my husband believes the most important right in America is the 2nd amendment. I wish we lived in an at-will concealed carry state, but we're in California, the state that needs it more than any other state. Unfortunately in most counties in CA and especially ours, it's hard to get a CCW permit, but if it was allowed, I'd be the first in line. Not every liberal like myself is opposed to the 2nd amendment or guns in general. Good post, though :)
By the way, I'm surprised that no one has said anything about the name of the town....Chicopee....come on!!!!
Real class
Not saying it's ok to assault anyone, but in their report the two girls who got their butts kicked said they were unprepared and she just hit them BS. She started to leave twice but they wouldn't shut their mouths they kept aggravating the situation by yelling back at her and one of them kept saying "I wish you would, I wish you would!" Well she got what she wished for she brought it on herself. If they had kept their mouths shut and kept their a$$es in their seats she probably would not have touched them.
Nope, sorry. The gal with the white shirt should have just left, like her wonderful boyfriend did. But, that would have been the mature thing to do. What a woman...does she finish up all of his fights?
Nope, sorry. The gal with the white shirt should have just left, like her wonderful boyfriend did. But, that would have been the mature thing to do. What a woman...does she finish up all of his fights?
That was taking the dispute of "taste great vs less filling" to a whole new level!!!!
big sis says...if you see something...say something... hey big sis...i think i just saw a "hate crime.."
I thought I switched this post.
Ya just gotta love the two guys at the counter asking for a coffee refill during this! Hysterical!!
The big dude got, what? Fifty CLEAR shots on the seated guy and the little guy just stood up at the end of it all, a bit dazed but stading nonetheless. That is when shrty should have gone to his arse because Fat Boy was so winded from using shorty as a punching bag he couldn't have done anything else at that point. I am just AMAZED that he is such a girlie puncher that shorty wasn't comatose at the end. he must hit like my old Grandma. Last fight I had was a two puncher and I think the guy is still feeling that, he sure wasn't able to stand for about ten minutes or so and it was Fifteen Years ago!! I'm too old to do that anymore . Oh, how I miss the good 'ol bad 'ol days!
"A Chicopee Police spokesperson said that for someone to be charged with simple assault and battery the attack must occur in the presence of a police officer." That is such BS. If that was the case, hardly no one would ever be charged with simple assault and battery or assault and battery with intent to kill. Tell me, Chicopee Police spokesperson, what rock did you crawl from?
What *** rock did you crawl from Lt. Pig? Its common law for a Police Officer to have to be in the presence of a Misdemeanor to take action (arrest or prosecute). In most states a Policeman can only arrest crimes not committed in her presence when its a felony or a domestic assault. You probably believe that garbage your spewing because you usually smack your wife around and they haul you off to jail. Big difference. If you want to back your idiotic comments up with facts look it up yourself. Oh, and assault with intent to kill (aggravated assault here) is a FELONY moron. Different than simple assault.
The pus*y sitting down needs to grow a pair and stop being a "Wuss" - he should have punched the other dude with a coffee mug in his hand - so it breaks and slices his face up...Or at least put a plate in his face!!! What a pansy!!!
He did what was appropriate and not exacerbate the situation.
Not in a restaurant with so many people nearby.
Most high school kids also know better than to type in all caps. So where does that leave you?
The two thugs need to be at the gym, not Denny's! C'mon, they're fat! And, they are of Hispanic origin. And when you put a hispanic up North, especially if Failachussetts, there are going to be issues. These two are why we carry guns in Texas!