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Cops: Men used "Star Wars" club to seduce teen girl


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Star Wars Club Complaint

SEPTEMBER 15--Two Idaho men used a “Star Wars” club to lure an underage girl into having sex with them, according to police.

Court records detail how Robert Waldemar, 39, and Nicolas Dudley, 37, hosted meetings of the “Freedom Fleets” science fiction club at their respective apartments, where they engaged in sexual activity with a 17-year-old girl. The teenager, according to investigators, had been attending meetings at the pair’s homes since October 2009.

In a District Court affidavit filed this week, Detective Jay Heward disclosed that a Cassia County Sheriff’s Office probe of Waldemar and Dudley began when the girl’s parents contacted law enforcement officers six months ago. The parents told Heward that Dudley had provided their daughter with alcohol, and that both men had texted the teenager sexually explicit photos and messages.

One text from Waldemar’s phone reported that Dudley was at a liquor store and had “already gotten the ‘rubbers.’” Another text message noted that “whatever happens at my place stays at my place and whatever happens at Nick’s place stays at Nick’s.” Police also reviewed texts between the teen and Dudley “that were based around sex such as ‘let’s do it like Donkey Kong.’"

The girl’s father told police that when he confronted Dudley about contacts with his daughter, Dudley apologized for sending her a photo of his erect penis, adding that he did it while drunk. Dudley also reportedly confessed to providing the teenager with booze. The girl’s father warned both men “to stay away from his daughter.”

Waldemar (left) and Dudley are pictured above in mug shots taken by the sheriff’s office.

During an interview with Heward, the girl said that “several adults” attended meetings of the “Freedom Fleets” club, which was a “SCI/FI club about Star Wars, etc.” While the girl said that she cuddled on a couch with Waldemar and sent him and Dudley naked photos of herself, she initially denied having sex. In a subsequent interview, however, she described having sexual contact with both men.

Dudley admitted to investigators that he had sex with the girl on several occasions, and said that he was present when Waldemar also had sex with her. When questioned by Heward, Waldemar claimed that Dudley was lying about him. While admitting that the girl sent him nude photographs, Waldemar said that he deleted the illicit images. And while he admitted exchanging texts that were sexual in nature, he said they were done in jest.

Waldemar was charged last week with four counts of statutory rape and sexual battery of a minor. He is being held in lieu of $100,000 bail and is scheduled for a September 17 preliminary hearing. Dudley last week copped a plea to similar charges and is scheduled to be sentenced on those felony raps in November.

A check of the duo’s Facebook pages shows that Dudley lists the teen victim among his friends, while Waldemar reports that he is a member of the Facebook group “Star Trek For Cool People.” (5 pages)

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